Finding stillness
In the studio, part 2

In the studio

In the studio

How to be an artist

Stay loose. Learn to watch snails. Plant impossible gardens. Make little signs that say 'yes' and post them all over your house. Make friends with uncertainty.

- Henry Miller
a note on the door of the Henry Miller Memorial Library in Big Sur, California

Drawing board

"The reward of art is not fame or success but intoxication."  - Cyril Connolly

The Dreaming (collage) by T Windling

The Dreaming (collage) by T Windling

Cuddle Bunnies by Terri WindlingLet me keep my mind on what matters,

which is my work,

which is mostly standing still
and learning to be

- Mary Oliver (from "The Messenger")

The Dreaming (collage) by T Windling

The painting here is called "The Dreaming," made of oil paint on paper with collage and hand-stitching. It is part of my Bumblehill series of art for children (and the young at heart), inspired by the flora, fauna, and folklore of Devon.

The tall figure is a woodland Guardian Spirit, the young girl represents the dreamier side of my younger self, and the little people are the gentle, joyous and mischievous fairies of Nattadon Hill, the hill that I live on in Chagford.

The Dreaming (full collage) by Terri Windling

Here's is a brief snippet of the tale that goes with the piece:

"Wrapped in the quilt, she closed her eyes and dreamed herself into a different story. The bunny snored softly in her arms. The wind pulled at her long yellow hair. Then she heart the rustle of footsteps...and the sound of giggling close behind her...."

I leave you to imagine (or dream) the rest.

Tilly dreaming in the studio


Beautiful, Terri. Just when I thought it was going to be a post without Tilly in it, there she is! :P

Thank you, thank you, thank you x

All the pictures and quotes today are pure magic Terri, but especially the N.K. Jemisin quote in the last hidden picture caption. I've not read this writer before and am now eager to explore her work - thank you!

Greetings to Miss Tilly.

A few posts ago I wrote a haiku for Tilly, and I have to return to the theme again when I look at your pictures, Terri; for me they're visual haiku, precise and jewel-like. I love them.

Talking of art I have an event this weekend,I can only hope I sell lots of pictures. As you might imagine, unlike yours Terri, my own pictures are large, loud and brash. Perhaps I should try something a little more 'jewel-like' myself, at the very least I might save a little on paint costs!

Sometimes astonished
Always standing still in some way
Even when spinning

Lovely post, Terri, and your new piece is breathtaking!

Saying Yes
“Make little signs that say 'yes' and post them all over your house.”—Henry Miller

There is no point in just saying no.
The universe goes on without you.
What saves us is the joining of hands across divides:
oceans, sexes, mountains, Brussel sprouts, poems.
If you don’t watch snails as well as galloping horses,
you know nothing about locomotion.
If you don’t eavesdrop on babies in their cribs,
nurses placing the dead back on their beds,
gamblers cursing luck both good and bad,
draftsmen at their tables, teachers at their common lunch,
what do you know about language or longing.
Say yes to everything, post notes in conspicuous places:
a kitchen cabinet, the back of the toilet seat,
in the linen cupboard, the second tier refrigerator shelf,
on your toothbrush,in the underwear drawer, your pillow.
Say the word aloud.
Only now are you ready to write your poem.

2014 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

Oh how wonderful the addition of sewing and collage is with your drawing. Are these new?

Astonished by this.

I would love this printed out and placed in a prominent place as an ultimate yes.

This post (and the responses to it) comes at a perfect time.

Thank you.

You have my permission as long as you include the copyright. And as long as you understand this may not be the final version of the poem.


Oh I want to step into one of your delightful paintings and become one of those charming spirits and never leave! Beautiful work Terri.

Me, too!

Your generosity continues to astound me, Terri. You have literally changed the way I see the possibilities for my own path since I discovered your blog last Spring.

Profound gratitude and great blessings.

Yes and thank you.
Yes and spirited creativity to you Terri.
Yes and gratitude to your readers, fellow commentators.
Yes the inspiration continues.
And yes, I know how I wish to dress for the next fancy dress ball.


Thank you, everyone, for these encouraging comments. I've been away from visual-art-making for a little while due to the Big Scary Life Stuff that has dominated the last six months, and stepping carefully back in now with that awkwardness that comes from creative muscles gone unused... The Life Stuff goes on (and on, and on), but I'm trying to squeeze a bit more time for Non-scary Life too.

I love all of this, Terri.

That is so wonderful to hear, and as much love and tea from us as you need to get through the BSLS!

Heavenly meditations coming through the creative muse. I love the work:)

Lovely. Just lovely.

Post script (as I return to read the poem once again): It is perfect. Just absolutely, 100% perfect.

New and old woven together.

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