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Telling the story

Toshiyuki Enoki 1

Toshiyuki Enoki

I see her walking
on a path through a pathless forest
or a maze, a labyrinth.
As she walks, she spins
and the fine threads fall behind her
following her way,
where she is going,
where she has gone.
Telling the story.
The line, the thread of voice,
the sentences saying the way.

- Ursula K. Le Guin

(from "The Writer On, and At, Her Work)


Toshiyuki Enoki 3

The gorgeous Mythic Art in this post is by Toshiyuki Enoki. Born in Tokyo in 1961, he was trained in traditional Japanese painting, lacquer painting, and western painting techniques. You can see more of his work here.

Toshiyuki Enoki 4

Toshiyuki Enoki 5You can read the full poem, "The Writer On, and At, Her Work," in The Writer on Her Work, Vol. II  edited by Janet Sternberg (where it was first published), and in Le Guin's  collection  The Wave in the Mind.


Stunning art work. And the poem excerpts - especially those in the picture captions, and the way they work with the pictures- are stunning too. Must track down the full poem.

Work As Defined by a Writer

Waterfall of words
and me with but a small blotter.

Pastiche of plot.
I have no scissors, no glue.

Unruly characters
running amok.
I have no canon or cannon
to defy them.

Do not shake your punctuation
marks like tattoos on my arms.
I make it up.

I make it all up.
It’s what I do.

©2014 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

What a gorgeous poem surround by such sublime art that I want to start all over again. But then, I think that's what an artists does every day of their life. Start all over again and learn to become themselves.

After reading the poems (Le Guin and Yolen) and seeing the paintings, I feel such an intense love of life - such beauty of the visual and the verbal just makes me happy to be alive. Thank you for sharing these - I just put a reserve on "The Wave in the Mind" at the library as my books-to-read list grows.

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful! Hugs, Melinda

Really beautiful work,thanks for sharing also love Ursula Le guin!

So stunning, and beautiful use of colours.

Oh, all of this is so inspiring! Yes, each day we discover our work through our work. And communities such as this one support us, nourishing us with beauty.

Thank you, Terri, Jane, Ursula,Toshiyuki.

A big YES! This is true and real and what we all do when we write. I will save this. And it
should be taught in every school and college. You could save a lot of new writers if this
were sent all around the world!

Indeed, yes.

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