Fantastic Women
On the magic of cities


Thank you for those beautiful pictures and quote. I've been exploring how to create from love.

There is only one question: / how to love this world. - Mary Oliver

My husband read me this quote this morning and I had to share.

Patti's Earth

She carries a little bag
of prairie dirt
wherever she travels,
reminder of the child
she was and is still.

She's lived in New England
most of her life, but that child
of the long spaces,
where there are no mountains
to hold the sky or stop the wind,
still resides inside.

She touches that world
when she touches the dirt,
a finger eddying what was once
a maelstrom of homesick,
here merely a memory
that lends her prairie strength
when now she needs it most.

--for Patricia MacLachlan

©2014 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

love this early morning walk with you and Tilly, thank you Terri!

I am grateful for the photos of your morning walk with Tilly. It's a joy to see sunlit woods on this stormy day in Seattle.

Such a beautiful question, What would love do now? And the Mary Oliver line is a gift as well.

In the same vein, two of my favorite mantras, borrowed from my dharma teacher, Rodney Smith:
Where is love in this moment?
Is there love for this, too?


Thank you for these trees and thoughts and thoughtful trees. This blog does not help my dog-wanting, but it helps in every other way.

Oh, lovely Jane. A beautiful tribute to Patricia and the land she comes from.

Thank you, Edith. And everyone.

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