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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Today: songs and videos on the theme of childhood, inspired by this passage from George Monbiot's Feral, which I quoted in Friday's post: "Of all the world's creatures, perhaps those in greatest need of rewilding are our children. The collapse of children's engagement with nature has been even faster than the collapse of the natural world. In the turning of one generation, the outdoor life in which many of us were immersed has gone....So many fences are raised to shut us out that eventually they shut us in."

Above: "Brother" by Mighty Oaks, an alt-folk trio based in Berlin, Germany, consisting of Ian Hooper (US), Craig Saunders (UK), and Claudio Donzelli (Italy). Like The Avett Brothers in America and Stornoway in England, the Mighty Oaks create songs rooted in pop, country, and folk music, distinguished by skillful vocal harmonies. The song comes from their second album, Howl (2014).

Below: "Down by the River" by Milky Chance, from Kassel, Germany.  Created by Clemens Rehbein (vocalist) and Philipp Dausch, Milky Chance's music blends a range of influences, including folk, rock, reggae, jazz, and electronica. The song comes from their debut album, Sadnecessary (2013).

Next, two songs that have been Monday Tunes in the past, but that are worth re-visiting in this context....

Above: "Featherstones" by The Paper Kites, an alt-folk band from Melbourne, Australia. The song comes from their third EP, Woodland (2011).

Below: "Pieces of String" by singer-songwriter Alela Diane, based in Portland, Oregon (US). The song comes from her second album, The Pirate's Gospel (2006).

And last, below, a poignant song looking back at childhood:

"Once When I was Little" (accoustic version) by singer-songwriter James Morrison, from his second album, Songs for You, Truths for Me (2008). Born and raised in Rugby, Warwickshire (UK), Morrison is now based in Derby. I really love this song.

Children of the Forest by Elsa Beskow

She Kissed the Bear on the Nose by John Bauer)

Oh heck, I'm going to throw in one more:

"Horsehead Bay" by Mighty Oaks, a beautiful song looking back at the lands of one's youth -- which for these lads is Washington State; Somerset, England; and Pesaro, Italy. The performance was filmed by Noir TV in Germany.

The illustrations above are "Children of the Forest" by Elsa Beskow (1874-1953) and "She Kissed the Bear on the Nose" by John Bauer (1882-1918). Both artists are from Sweden. For more on the subject of children and wilderness:  "The Gift of Wonder" and "Wild Children" here on Myth & Moor, and "Into the Middle of Nowhere," a 15-minute film on the Aeon Magazine site.