Veriditas and the vegetable soul
'Tis the season to give...

Bunnies, bones, & birthdays

They'd been very naughty and peeked inside the presents, but they promised not to do it again

Bunny Family Portrait

I'm taking a day's retreat as a birthday present to myself, and I'll be back online tomorrow.  I wrote a long post reflecting on mid-life birthdays last year (prompting some lovely discussion on aging) -- so today, by contrast, I'm going to keep it short and give you some bunnies and hares instead....

Bunny Sisters

“It is a mistake to regard age as a downhill grade toward dissolution. The reverse is true. As one grows older, one climbs with surprising strides.” ― George Sand


European Hare

Rabbit Warrior from the Pontifical of Guillaume Durand, Avignon, before 1390

''Baby Bunting'' illustration, artist unknown

The Hound and I send our best birthday wishes to any of you who are also winter babies.

Birthday boneImages above: a few of my wee bunny girls - "Bunny Gifts," "Bunny Family Portrait" and "Bunny Sisters"; a European hare (photograph from the BBC site); a Rabbit Warrior from the Pontifical of Guillaume Durand, Avignon (drawn sometime before 1390); and a vintage "Baby Bunting" illustration, artist unknown -- sent to me by my good friend Midori Snyder, who is well aware of my bunny fixation! (I blame Beatrix Potter.) Also, Tilly with a birthday bone.