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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Today, some warm, smoky music from Brazil for a cold December morning on Dartmoor....

Above: "Ainda Bem" by Marisa Monte, from Rio de Janeiro. Monte trained as an opera singer in Rome before returning to Brazil to sing jazz, blues, samba, and other forms of popular music. She's recorded ten albums over twenty-five years, including Verdade Uma Ilusão (2014).

Below: "Atrás da Porta" by Ana Cañas, a singer from from São Paulo. This video is part of Projeto Studio62's "minimalista" series, presenting the songs of Brazilian composer Chico Buarque in a raw and intimate way. Cañas has recorded four albums, the most recent of which is Coração Inevitável (2013).


The wonderful singer/songwriter Maria Gadú, with a minimalist version of her own song, "Veja Bem, Meu Bem," for Projeto Studio62. Gadú started singing in the bars of São Paulo was she was thirteen, recorded her first album in 2009, and released her fifth (called Nós) last year.


A burst of color and sunshine from Luísa Maita, raised in a musical family in São Paulo. "Alento" comes from her terrific debut album, Lero-Lero (2010).

And last, for something just a little bit different:

Maria Gadú again, with a gorgeous version of Pink's "Who Knew." She reminds me of the great Joan Armatrading here....