As the old year ends...
New Year's Day


many Blessings to you and thankyou for all the inspiration and heartfelt sharing ..with love Suzy

Thanks for everything Terri, and many blessings to you!

clink! a toast to you and yours at 5am on the first day of 2015 here in the Land Down Under!

This is such a sweet prayer and the drawings are perfect with it. I wish you and yours a Blessed New Year.

I fully intend to drink more than is reasonable or feasible -non-alcoholic of course(!)- and I will raise a toast to you all: "Good health, happiness, success, peace of mind!".

May we all achieve all of our ambitions and avoid all disappointments!

Thank you, Terri, and all who share so much heart, so much imagination here. Wishing us all a 2015 filled with love, and brimming with moments of grace, wonder, joy, and surprise!

Thank you for all your words and inspiration over the past year. Wishing you luxuriant blessings of health and happiness for 2015.

Thank you for all your words and inspiration over the past year. Wishing you luxuriant blessings of health and happiness for 2015.

“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the Earth are never alone or weary of life.” recalling Rachel Carson for inspiration this new year 2015. I look forward to many walks with you and Tilly.

such a lovely prayer, thank you for that!
your art charms my heart each time i see it.
Lovely new year to you and yours.

What a wonderful prayer. Your blog is such a wealth of wonderful, soul-nourishing stuff!

I am so pleased I discovered you this year. Thoughtful, inspiring posts, and beautiful pictures, you have featured the work of people that I admire. I love your work, too. Today's post is so gentle, and loving.
I wish you and yours ( especially Tilly) great good health and peaceful hearts in 2015.
Blessed be!

Happy New Year, Terri. Blowing wishes your way! Hugs.

Not only do I thank you for the Bunny Blessings, but I squinted at the sort of 'wallpaper' of gold and
designs, and saw the rabbits in the leaves for the first time! All magic arrives in it's own time.

Oh can there be too many blessings...I'll add just one more and tiptoe away.

It's William Morris' "Brother Rabbit" pattern. The same pattern is on the red pillows on the studio couch too. My love for Morris knows no bounds....

A clink of the glass to all of you here..with a toast to life, love, and mythic arts:

This is a communique from The-Cats-At-The-Top-Of-The-Hill. We have taken over Stuart Hill's electronic thinking, writing,talking machine and we have chained him to the radiator in his kitchen! All will not go well for him if his machine does not send this message to the Black Devil Dog!

Be it known that any and all truces and peace agreements have now lapsed and even as we write this our comrades in the ancient lands of Devon are gathering foul substances with which to tempt the Black Devil Dog into be-soiling herself and necessitating baths and annointings with expensive unguents and oils!

Be it also known that we have extended our arsenal beyond the limitations of mere fox pooh and now have access to the bum-fruits of many beasts. Some of our number have succumbed to the gaseous stenches emitted by this weaponry, but we bravely continue in our quest for dung-dumpings knowing that this will cause discomfiture for the Black Devil Dog.

This communique will now close; but be warned, our allies the-squirrels-at-the-top-of-the-tree are preparing a bUmbardment of their own and soon you will find your home showered with nutty nodules of dungage.

We take no leave of you, Black Devil Dog: we send no compliments to your humans. We are most seriously displeased.


From Tilly:


Yes, please unchain me! From this position fettered to the kitchen radiator I can see several decades worth of debris under the cooker! I always wondered where that roast turkey had got to, and when I find out exactly who it was who tried to broil that donkey... there'll be trouble!!!!!

P.S. Oh please! I've just noticed where they tried to put the stuffing!!!

Ditto. He is one of my heroes.

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