The Dog's Tale

Tunes for a Monday Morning

We're in France this morning with Breton harpist Cécile Corbel, from Finistère, who plays the Celtic music of Brittany and other lands as well as her own folk-inspired compositions. Her lovely albums include Harpe celtique & Chants du monde, SongBooks Volumes 1 - 4, and La Fiancée.

Above: "An hini a garan," beautifully performed in an accoustic session at Satellit Café in Paris in 2010.

Below: Yohann Walter's magical video for Corbel's "Sans faire un bruit."

Cecile Corbel

Above, another magical video, this time for "En La Mar" from SongBook Volume 2.

Below, "La Lettre," an accoustic session performed in at the Château de la Brosse au Nottonville in July.

If you'd like a little more of Corbel's music this morning, try the new fairy tale video for "Entendez-Vous," which wavers between enchanting and overblown...but perhaps that was the intent?; and also the lovely (and more restrained) videos for "La Fille Damnee" and "Garden District."