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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Eric Bibb

With all of the difficult things going on in America, Europe, and around the world right now, I think we need some Eric Bibb this morning....

Bibb grew up in New York City, has traveled around the world playing American blues and gospel, and now lives with his Finnish wife in Helskini. He's recorded numerous studio and live albums, including Brothers in Bamako with Habib Koité (2012), Celebrating Wendell Berry in Music with Andrew Maxfield (2013), Jericho Road (2013), and Blues People (2014).

Above: "With My Maker," from Brothers in Bamako.

Below: "The Needed Time," from Bibb's album of the same name.

Above: "Turner Station," from Bibb's latest album, Blues People.

Below: "I Heard the Angels Singing" -- a song he learned from the great gospel-and-blues guitarist Blind Gary Davis (1896-1972).

If you'd like a little more music this morning, Bibb's previous appearances on Myth & Moor are here ("Don't Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down") and here (a different performance of "Angels Singing").

An angel series painting, Terri WindlingArt above: another one of my "angel series" paintings, "The Angel of Moving Safely Through the Darkness."