Friday morning here in Devon
The week ahead

Signs that spring is coming

The first snowdrops in the woods

Hound and wildflowers

There are snowdrops in the woods...crocus in the church yard....

A crocus carpet in the village church yard

...and spring flowers appearing all around the village.

Spring flowers by the church yard gate

Primroses in old stone troughs... the door of Endecott House

Ponies are drifting down from the moor to birth their foals in the shelter of the Commons.

Pregnant ponies on the Commons

Ponies grazing below Meldon Hill

Lord have mercy, it's been a long winter. And if some of us, battered by its storms, are moving a little slowly now, I think sometimes we need to give ourselves more credit for the fact that we're still moving. Even when creative work is not quite flowing, we show up at our desks each day and push it forward bit by bit, page by page, brush stroke by brush stroke.  We haven't give up. We're still on the path....

Light and shadow on the path we follow

And the path, sweet Tilly, is everything. So keep on going. I'm right behind you.

A mythic Animal Guide to lead the way