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Recommended Reading

An etching after Bruegel, 1817

Recent items of interest...

* Photos of UK writers' houses: Jane Austen, the Brontes, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Lucy Boston, Agatha Christie and more (Guardian Books). I want to visit them all.

* Tracy McVeigh looks at the re-wilding movement in Great Britain; and George Monbiot, author of Feral, celebrates the return of British otters (Guardian Wildlife).

* Artist Chris Maynard pens a beautiful essay on "Why I Find Feathers Alluring"  (Center for Humans & Nature blog).

* Artist Jackie Morris explains how she fell in love with peregrine falcons (Guardian Books).

* Stuart Kelly appreciates the very magical work of Bill Willingham (Guardian Books).

* Maria Tatar discusses the enduring appeal of Peter Pan (Huffington Post).

* Elizabeth Svoboda reflects on the power of story (Aeon Magazine).

* Cory Doctorow gives some excellent writing advice (Locus Magazine online).

* And finally, sadly, a beautiful eulogy for Charles Bowden (1945-2014) by Richard Grant. Chuck Bowden was a tough and brilliant Tucson writer whose work I've admired for many years: Blue Desert, Desierto, Frog Mountain Blues, Seasons of the Coyote, and so many other fine books. There was absolutely no one else like him, and he will be deeply missed. (Aeon Magazine)

Cat sketch by Arthur RackhamArt above: "Concert of Cats," a 19th century etching after Bruegel (via Bibliophila),  and a cat sketch by Arthur Rackham. These are for Stuart, Phyllis, Valerianna, and other cat fans here. But don't tell Tilly.