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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Tilly and I are back in the studio at last, starting the week with sweet women's harmonies to soothe the soul and fire the spirit. All four tunes comes from The Sweet Lowdown, a roots trio from British Columbia: Amanda Blied on guitar, Shanti Bremer on banjo, and Miriam Sonstenes on fiddle. These songs go out to everyone in the UK feeling bruised by last week's election, with love.

Above, a recent song, "You Can Find the North," from the band's fourth album, Chasing the Sun.

Below, an earlier song, "Red Shift Blues," from their self-titled second album.

The Sweet Lowdown

Above: "The Seen," an instrumental piece from The Sweet Lowdown's third album, May.

Below: "Going Up on the Mountain," an old spiritual performed  in St. John's Cathedral, Lafayette, Louisiana.