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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Stennes standing stones at sunset, Orkney, Scotland

I've been on a bit of a Kris Drever marathon lately, so he is the connecting link between all of our songs today. Drever (the son of folk musician Ivan Drever) is a singer/songwriter who performs with the award-winning trio Lau, as well as with a wide variety of other musicians and solo. He was raised in the Orkney Islands off the far north coast of Scotland, and although he's now based in Edinburgh, his songs are often drawn from Orcadian life, landscape, and history.

Above: "Hinba," an original instrumental piece by Lau (Kris Drever on guitar, Martin Green on accordion, and Aidan O'Rourke on fiddle), played in Leeds in 2011. The group's name comes from an Orcadian word meaning "natural light." 

Below: Lal Waterson's classic song "Midnight Feast," performed by Lau last year -- accompanied by Aoife O'Donovan, a brilliant young singer/songwriter from Boston.

Edinburgh Castle

Above: "Capernaum" by Kris Drever and Irish instrumentalist Éamonn Coyne, performed in 2014.

Below: Drever's beautiful song "The Poorest Company," performed by Drever McCusker Woomble at Celtic Connections in Glasgow, 2009. The trio (Kris Drever on guitar, John McCusker on fiddle, and Roddy Woomble on backing vocals) is accompanied here by Heidi Talbot (from Cherish the Ladies) and Boo Hewerdine. I personally think Drever is proving to be one of the great songwriters of our age.

For more music this morning, there's a previous post on Lau here (which includes Drever's gorgeous song "Ghosts," on the subject of immigration).