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Myth & Moor update

Terri Windling and hound, photographed by Howard Gayton

I apologize, dear Readers, for taking so long to participate in the discussions in response to last week's posts. I'm still moving rather s-l-o-w-l-y through this period of physical recovery, and I'm having to strictly limit my online time in order to catch up on all the work that I've missed these last few months. I value the discussions John Battenhere a great deal (as well as the extraordinary poems), and I intend to go back and respond properly to it all just as soon as I can. I am reading the comments as they come in, and I'm grateful to all of you who've been keeping the discussion here going.

Tilly is still doing well in her own recovery, and has bounced joyfully back from her operation last month. Today, however, she's on medication for an unrelated infection, so she's moving a little s-l-o-w-l-y this morning too. But as you can see from the photograph above (taken by my husband), we're managing to get outdoors...and that's the best medicine of all. 

Thank you for all your good wishes and prayers over the last weeks and months.

Howard Gayton & hound


T&T, Happy to see your smiles. Wishing you the best.

So glad you're both out and enjoying the sun! May you have many more in the coming weeks.

Glad to hear you are recovering Terri - sending love.

What a view to have as a backdrop! This is a great photo of you both, and I have to say I really like your stripe-y tights. :)

Hi Terri

Beautiful Photos and wonderful readings today!! Please take care and continue to heal. My prayers and thoughts go out to both you and Tilly!

My Best

Lovely to have you back on the page Terri with Tilly. I loved reading the above article. Continue to become stronger and may the sun smile upon you.

Carole Weave Lane from Perth Western Australia.

Yea for you and Tilly. Sunshine always helps. Hugs.

Take the time you need. We love you!

You look so happy! Also, best stockings ever.


I like those stockings too. And what a view... ! Be well and take your time. =)

Such a lovely photo. I wish you and Tilly both all the best in your recovery. Quiet is such a beautiful and powerful medicine, take all you need.

Wishing Tilly and you a speedy recovery, lovely to see you all enjoying the sunshine! 💕☀️💕

You are Pippi Longstocking and I claim my £5! ;-)


We are slow
This we know
To rise up again
Out of dark den

On the green beauty
With no need for duty
Except for getting better
Make a poem like a letter

Hello sky, hills, magic stones
We slowly return, many moons
Will come and go, uplift
A bit changed, fates gift.

Just glad you're both back in the sun.

Looking good - the two of you! Good to see!

No hurry--no worry
May you be happy and easy
May you know you don't have to show
May you just BE

Oh Terri,
It's wonderful seeing all of you three musketeers out in the sunny countryside looking so happy and pleased to be doing so!
Don't you worry 'bout responding to anything here as we all understand that energy is at a premium right now and we want you to please conserve it. Heal well sweet friend. Blessings to all of you......

That you, dear Phyllis, for this lovely gift as I go through my slow-as-a-turtle days.

Thank you for these sweet messages, everyone. Tilly says the same, with a wag of her tail.

Oh, thank you, Terri.

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