Guest post: Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
"Into the Woods" series, 53: The Wild Hunt

An autumn morning in the studio with Borges

Morning light on my desktop

My work day starts with golden Devon light, strong coffee in a Jane Austen cup, a furry black head resting on my knee, and these words from Jorge Luis Borges, who begins with a quote from Homer:

'''The gods weave misfortunes for men, so that the generations to come will have something to sing about.' Mallarmé repeats, less beautifully, what Homer said, 'tout aboutit en un livre,' everything ends up in a book. The Greeks speak of generations that will sing; Mallarmé speaks of an object, of a thing among things, a book. But the idea is the same; the idea that we are made for art, we are made for memory, we are made for poetry, or perhaps we are made for oblivion. But something remains, and that something is history or poetry, which are not essentially different.''
  - from Seven Nights

Morning light on the hound

"Any life, however long and complicated it may be, actually consists of a single moment — the moment when we know forever more who we are."   - from the Aleph & Other Stories

Morning light on everythingMorning light, on my desk and on the hound.