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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Awake  Awake by Marry Waterson

Today, music from four different counties, illustrated or animated in four different ways....

Above, a charming video with paper cut art and simple animation by Marry Waterson, an artist & musician from the famous Waterson family of folk musicians in Yorkshire. The song is "Awake, Awake," performed by Cumbrian folksinger Maz O'Connor on her debut album, This Willowed Light -- which makes Waterson's use of William Morris' "Willow" design in the video rather clever. "Awake, Awake" is a traditional folk song also known as "The Drowsy Sleeper" and "The Silver Dagger." There's another fine version of it sung acappella on the Full English album, which I also highly recommend.

Below, a touching video by graphic artist & filmmaker Monkmus, from Los Angeles, for "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by the American indie band Death Cab for Cutie, from Bellingham, Washington. I love the story (life-affirming and heart-breaking all at once), and the whole notebook/sketchbook theme.

Below, a thoroughly delightful stop-motion animation by artist Sydney Smith & filmmaker Jason Levangie, both based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The song is "Horska," exuberantly performed by the Gypsy jazz band Gypsophilia, also from Halifax. It's Smith & Levangie's second collaboration with the band; the first was "Agricola & Sarah" in 2009.

And to end with, a lovely little piece of black-and-white animation by Esteban Diácono, who comes from Córdoba, Argentina, and is now based in Buenos Aires. The music is "Slowly, Slowly Comes the Light" by Ólafur Arnalds, from Mosfellsbær, Iceland.

This one, so simple and yet so beautiful, just lifts my heart.


Wonderful, and beautiful...thank you.

All of thse are gorgeous but the last one really sang to me:


You can fly
Lift your head
Imprint the sky

Carbon wings,
Inky heart
Wind and air
Is where you start

Rubber bands
Can sped your flight
Though the day
And into night.

Chart your path,
Trace your year,
Crepe and creep
From there to here.

Flock and flicker
In the air
Climb the clouds
As if a stair.

My delight,
Take me with you
Into flight.

©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

I'm moved by the pervasive theme.
"I'll Follow you into the Dark" brought tears.
Lifted too by "Slowly Comes the Light"

Dear Terri
Hug Tilly
Hellos Howard

I loved this! ☺️ Oh beautiful day!!!!
Thank you Terri!

Inspiring. Thank you.

Beautiful, Jane. I felt the same way about the piece.

You're welcome!

I find that it does me good just to know, and to remember, that there are so many people out there in the world making beautiful things.

I only had a chance to look at these now. So, so lovely, and the poem! This post lifted my spirits on a tired evening.

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