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Last chance...

Once Upon a Time by Terri Windling

...to purchase original art by me and other Chagford artists from Fernie Brae Gallery's autumn show. There are orginal drawings and paintings by Brian Froud, David Wyatt, Rima Staines, and Danielle Barlow, plus limited edition Giclee prints by Virginia Lee and Marja Lee Kruÿt. But the show is ending, so if you're interested, please contact the gallery right away.

The Fernie Brae is located in Portland, Oregon...but if you live elsewhere, they will ship the art to you. (And they also offer payment plans.) You can see the remaining work for sale here on Fernie Brae's Facebook page. The gallery's lovely website is here.

There are four pieces by me available, each of them pictured in this post: three hand-stitched collages (with pencil drawings, papers, fabrics, lace, buttons, and bits of Devon flora brought home from my walks with Tilly), and one of my "Earth Mother" paintings (oil paints and pencils on illustration board). If your budget doesn't run to original work, Fernie Brae also has signed prints of mine for sale; please contact them if you'd like more information. Also, Greta Ward is still kindly running her online sale of my prints (mailed out from her studio in Arizona), which will continue until the stock runs out.

May I ask you to please pass this information on to anyone who might be able to give these Little People of mine a good home? They want to go out into the world!

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by Terri Windling

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

The piece includes a poem of mine, handwritten and stitched into the collage:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray to Earth, my soul to keep.
I pray to Wind, for gentle dreams.
To Water, for sweet murmurings.
Cuddle bunniesTo Grass, where I will make my bed.
To Moss, where I will rest my head.
To blood’s Fire, to keep me warm.
To Dark, to keep me safe from harm.
To Moon, to dim her silver light
so Fox will pass me by tonight.
I pray to Stars, who watch above.
Bless me, and everyone I love.

Fairy Tales collage by Terri Windling

Fairy Tales

The handwritten text says:

"Once upon a time there was a girl, there was a boy, there was a poor woman who wanted, there was a queen who couldn't have, there was witch who lived under, there was a green frog at the bottom of, there was a troll, a tree, a bear, a bright eyed bird who knew the secret of, there was a fairy who had lost, there was a child who had found, there was a wizard who had made, there was a princess who had broken, there was a story that was trying to be told. Listen. The wind is speaking...."

The Guardian of the Fields by Terri Windling

Earth Mother: Guardian of the Fields

I'm not going to tell you what the handwritten text says here, as it's not meant to be entirely decipherable. It's the story surrounding the Guardian and the little ones she protects...but I leave it to you to help tell her tale....