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Bird Girls by Terri Windling

Once again, my lovely friend Greta Ward is kindly making my prints available for purchase through her website ... and because she mails prints out once a week (from Tucson, Arizona), there's still time to order prints in time for Christmas, especially for those of you in the States. All the prints are hand-signed, and will remain on sale until the stock runs out. You'll find the prints here: http://gretaward.com/terri.

And while you're on Greta's site, please go have a look at her extremely gorgeous artwork too.

If you know anyone who might like to own one of my prints, would you please let them know about this sale? I have an ulterior motive for trying to sell as many of them as I possibly can this year: the proceeds will allow me the time to make more art, and I'm very eager to get back to the drawing board. Print purchases also help to support Myth & Moor...and to keep Tilly well stocked with bones!

This is true for just about every artist who isn't independently wealthy, of course, so please consider supporting writers, artists, musicians, and craftspeople when you're shopping for holiday gifts this year. I'm going to put a few links and suggestions in the Comments section below; please feel free to add suggestions and links of your own, including your own work.

The Lost Child by Terri Windling

The Lost Child

She had fallen out of her nest long ago and had no idea where she belonged. "Nevermind," the Bird Mother said, folding soft wings around the child. "We are your family now, so dry your tears. What was lost is found."

The Dreaming by Terri Windling

The Dreaming

Wrapped in the quilt, she closed her eyes and dreamed herself into a different story. The bunny snored softly in her arms. The wind pulled at her long yellow hair. Then she heard the rustle of footsteps...and the sound of giggling close behind her....

Best Friends by Terri Windling

Best Friends

They were the best of friends, inseparable, and they spoke the same language: the language of the soul.

Bunny Troupe by Terri Windling

Bunny Troupe

"Thank you for coming," the rabbit said, paws crossed politely on his belly. Mina gazed at the stranger curiously and waited for him to tell his story. She'd never met such a creature before! He had only one shape, the animal shape. He couldn't 'shift' like them. Imagine!

Mother Nature by Terri Windling

Mother Nature

This Mother Nature is is a muse figure, and the symbol of a fecund imagination. The original painting used to hang above my writing desk to keep my creativity fresh and fertile...before she found a new home with another artist. May she bless your creativity as well.


There will be some new prints coming up in early next year too, just as soon as health permits. More on that anon. If it's original work you're after, the Fernie Brae Gallery in Portland, Oregon has three of my collages and one of my paintings (among other magical things), and they do ship. 

The prints laid out in Greta's Tucson studio