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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Misty morning on Nattadon

It was misty and mysterious on Nattadon Hill early this morning, and the music of Agnes Obel seems to perfectly fit the mood. Obel is a Danish musician and composer who is now based in Berlin. She has two gorgeous studio albums out, and is working on a third.

Above: "Dorian," from Obel's second album, Aventine, performed in Berlin in 2013.

Below: "The Curse," from the same album.

Above: "Fuel to Fire," from Aventine (2013). This performance was beautifully filmed for the Deezer Sessions in 2014. 

Below: "Riverside," an old favorite from Obel's debut album, Philharmonics (2010). The video was made by her partner, experimental photographer & animator Alex Brüel Flagstad.

Now I'm heading over to Ireland for the final video today.

Above: "Fraction of a Wolf" by Driftwood Manor, which has a haunted beauty similar to Obel's "Riverside." It comes from the band's third album, For the Moon, which has just been released.

Wolf photography by Cole Young

Pictures: A misty morning on Nattadon Hill, and a wolf photograph by Cole Young.