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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Fox in Grass by Mya Bambrick (age 11)

I'm weary of rain and floods and mud, aching from a fall (on a wet, slippery porch), and in need of tunes that will lift up my spirits this morning. The music of  We Banjo 3  from Galway, Ireland, fits the bill perfectly. 

The band consists of two pairs of brothers (Enda & Fergal Scahill and Martin & David Howley) playing a blend of traditional Irish and American old time & bluegrass music that they call "Celt Grass." They've release three excellent albums to date: Gather in the Good, Roots of the Banjo Tree, and Live in Galway.

Above: Their terrific video for "The Fox," a traditional song they released as a single last year, accompanied by master accordion & fiddle player Sharon Shannon. The video was directed by Mia Mullarkey -- and although it was shot in Ireland, those magical, mossy green winter woods sure remind me of ours here on Dartmoor. 

Below: A wonderful gender-bending performance of "Gonna Write Me a Letter," filmed in Kansas City, Missouri in September.

Kuzma and the Fox

Above: A studio performance filmed in Tokyo in December for Accoustic Guitar Magazine, showcasing the band's fine musicianship. (Tune titles, alas, are not listed.)

And last: "Get on Board" (written by the great American bluesman Eric Bibb), performed in the Roisin Dubh, Galway last spring.

Oh, how I love these guys. I feel better already....

The Fox and the Boar by H.J. FordThe photograph above is by Maya Bambrick; the illustrations are by Adrienne Segur and H.J. Ford.


Take care, Terri. It's all too easy to go 'arse over elbow' (I.E. fall over) in these sort of slippery conditions, as some of the older members of my family so colorfully put it.

Love the music and the artwork. Particularly the foxes. One of my favourite animals to paint at the moment.

Wonderful song!

And I am fond of painting foxes too (it's my artist name after all) but at the moment I am drawing the inside of the fox, a skull.

That sounds interesting. Is it on your website yet?

Laying in bed this morning and yet my toes are tapping. Oh what a wonderful gift, m'lady!

And NO MORE FALLS. That's an order from your Other Mom.


Hi Terri

Such a great musical "pick me up" this morning and yes, these guys are made to be adored!!! Love all the selections, they really give one energy and a feeling of happiness! Thanks so much !!

And please rest and take care of yourself! So sorry to hear about the fall, those aches are painful!

Wishing you the best and sunshine as well!

Wonderful stuff! Ahh, weather blues! In this last week, we've had winter, then summer again. Last Monday our max temp was 16 degrees (C), and I was wearing a hat and gloves inside the house, even toyed with the idea of lighting the fire. This Monday, the temp climbed to 40 degrees and we all lay about gasping! And thanks to that unseasonably chilly weather, I had a slip on steps too, courtesy of socks on varnished wood...ouch...and am now sporting some delightfully yellow and purple bruises! We just don't bounce back as fast as we did when we were younger!

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