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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Fox in Grass by Mya Bambrick (age 11)

I'm weary of rain and floods and mud, aching from a fall (on a wet, slippery porch), and in need of tunes that will lift up my spirits this morning. The music of  We Banjo 3  from Galway, Ireland, fits the bill perfectly. 

The band consists of two pairs of brothers (Enda & Fergal Scahill and Martin & David Howley) playing a blend of traditional Irish and American old time & bluegrass music that they call "Celt Grass." They've release three excellent albums to date: Gather in the Good, Roots of the Banjo Tree, and Live in Galway.

Above: Their terrific video for "The Fox," a traditional song they released as a single last year, accompanied by master accordion & fiddle player Sharon Shannon. The video was directed by Mia Mullarkey -- and although it was shot in Ireland, those magical, mossy green winter woods sure remind me of ours here on Dartmoor. 

Below: A wonderful gender-bending performance of "Gonna Write Me a Letter," filmed in Kansas City, Missouri in September.

Kuzma and the Fox

Above: A studio performance filmed in Tokyo in December for Accoustic Guitar Magazine, showcasing the band's fine musicianship. (Tune titles, alas, are not listed.)

And last: "Get on Board" (written by the great American bluesman Eric Bibb), performed in the Roisin Dubh, Galway last spring.

Oh, how I love these guys. I feel better already....

The Fox and the Boar by H.J. FordThe photograph above is by Maya Bambrick; the illustrations are by Adrienne Segur and H.J. Ford.