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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Jo Curzon and her flock by James Ravilious

We're sticking close to home today with music that is (mostly) from Devon, and photographs by James Ravilious (1939-1999), Devon's great chronicler of rural life.

Above: "The Valley" by Wildwood Kin, three young women from just up the road in Exeter. The group consists of two sisters, Beth and Emillie Key, and their cousin Meghann Loney. They have one four-track EP out so far, Salt of the Earth

Below: "Silver Threads Among the Gold," a beautiful paean to aging by Seth Lakeman, who lives on the other side of Dartmoor near Tavistock.  He's backed up by Wildwood Kin in this performance, filmed at The Convent in Stroud. The song is from Ballads of The Broken Few, due out in September.

Archie Parkhouse & his dog Sally by James Ravilious

Above: Seth Lakeman again, this time with the recording of "Blacksmith's Prayer" for Tales from the Barrelhouse, an album that explores the history and experience of country artisans in Devon and Cornwall.

Below: "Artisan," a gorgeous song about carpenters from the same album. This man is simply one of the finest songwriters working in Britain today.

Hedger's lunch break by James Ravilious

And last, above: "The Carpenter" by Hannah James, a singer, accordion player and champion clog dancer from north-west England. Having collaborated with numerous folk musicians in the UK and abroad, she now performs in a duo with Sam Sweeney, in the Lady Maisery trio, and in her own innovative music & dance show JigDoll.

Reedcombers' tea break by James Ravilious