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The Bumblehill Studio

The second Widdershins Exhibition opens this weekend (the first one was back in 2013), so it's been a busy month in the studio finishing up the six pieces I'm contributing to it.

The Bumblehill Studio 2

The Bumblehill Studio 3

The Bumblehill Studio 4

I've been focusing on drawing and collage-making lately -- putting paints aside for a little while in order to follow an intriguing new path: combining small sketches of my bunny-earred, bird-tailed Little People with the hand-stitched assemblage work of collage.

The Bumblehill Studio 5

The Bumblehill Studio 6

The Bumblehill Studio 7

Six framed collages left my studio this morning. I always feel a bit sad to see them go, as though the Little People really are little children who must now make their own way in the world....

But in fact, three of them are well-travelled already, having had their debut at The Fernie Brae gallery in Portland, Oregon. They have spanking new clothes for their next adventure, however, for each has been altered and enlarged so that they'll make a matched set with the three new additions. Now all six are at Green Hill Arts in Moretonhampstead, where I hope they'll play nicely with the other mythic artworks in the gallery.

Come see them if you can. The exhibition starts Saturday, and runs all summer. (More info here.)

The Bumblehill Studio 8

Below are details from each of the six pieces. I will show the pieces in full here on Myth & Moor, but not just yet. Right now they belong to Widdershins, and should be seen first in that context.

Details from the six collages by T Windling


a magical gathering

They look lovely. I am just about to fast talk the hubby into a lightning trip to Chagford one weekend between now and August. I am even going to offer to drive!

they look really charming.

I wish so much I could go see them in person! :)

" . . . as though the Little People really are little children." Well, they are. They are your little children, you know. Artists are such "co-creators."

Thank you for sharing your artwork, you share so much already but I have really loved seeing these beautiful creations and I am sure you had lots of enjoyment in the making.

This is so lovely! I think I can go! Happy me, happy me, happy me!

Hmmmm--I need to add one of these to my Windling collection.


SO charming! They look as if they were fun to make!

Beautiful Terri. I love the quote from Patricia A McKillop you have tucked inside the stitching, from Old Magic. A book to be found and read, for I love being a woman who stitches. A perfect disguise!

Thank you, everyone. They are now hanging on the walls of the exhibition. I'll post some photos from the show tomorrow.

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