Myth & Moor update
Coming up on Saturday, August 6th:

Woodland interlude


Thank you to everyone who came to the Artists' Coffee Morning at Green Hill yesterday, participating in a lively, wide-ranging conversation on art and nature, and the nature of friendship.

"The world is very old," writes American environmentalist Rick Bass, "and we are so new. I like the feeling of awe -- what the late writer Wallace Stegner called 'the birth of awe' -- in beholding wild country not reduced by man. I like to remember that it is wild country that gives rise to wild animals; and that the marvelous specificity of wild animals reminds us to wake up, to let our senses be inflamed by every scent and sound and sight and taste and touch of the world. I like to remember that we are not here forever, and not here alone, and that the respect with which we behold the wild world matters, if anything does."