Coming up on Saturday, August 6th:
Myth & Moor update

Coming up on Saturday, August 20th:

Poster art by Jeannie Tomanek

This will be my last event for the Widdershins 2016 exhibition: a talk on folklore and myth in healing traditions, woven with storytelling by my husband Howard Gayton, an actor and dramatist. I haven't given this particular talk before -- it's a new piece spurred by some of the things we've discussed here on Myth & Moor, so it would be lovely to see some of you there, if you're in striking distance of Devon.

Faery drawing by Brian FroudGreen Hill is also sponsoring two film showings that you may be interested in: There's an evening devoted to Labyrinth on August 12th, presented with a talk by Widdershins artist Brian Froud, who designed the film. And there's a matinee showing of Willow the following day. Follow the links for more information. 

Tickets for all of these events can be purchased at Green Hill, through the Green Hill website, or by phoning 01647 440775.

The gorgeous painting above is by Jeanie Tomanek. The faery sketch is by Brian Froud.


Oh how I wish I could gather up all of you regular Myth & Moor readers from around the world and transport you to Devon for the evening. What a conversation we'd have!

I do wish I could be there. I don't suppose it'll be filmed and the video put up on youtube????? Hope, hope.

There's been some talk of this, but whether we can get the logistics together is another matter!

I will cross my fingers for this to happen...I would so love to hear you speak on this topic! I hope you enjoy yourself Terri, throughout the whole Widdershins celebration. :)


Me, too!

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