The end of summer, diving into "deep work," and Widdershins collage #1
Widdershins collage #3


I think this may be my favorite of all the ones you've posted this week. I keep coming back to it - the way the squares of papers (fabrics?) turn into patches on the bunnies' quilt. So charming! And the clothes hanging on a peg on the wall with tiny slippers beneath. I do so hope you are writing stories about these adorable little beings. Though simply as art - and as windows into unknown stories - they are also captivating too.

Also love seeing your studio and the materials they are made from. Lovely presentation.

Thank you for sharing - and now I'm more sorry than ever that we didn't make it to Widdershins to see these little beauties in person. So gentle. So full of magical life.

Thanks for trying, Cynthia. I'm still looking forward to meeting your boys.

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