Woodland interlude
Coming up on Saturday, August 20th:

Coming up on Saturday, August 6th:

Widdershins 2016

The artists taking part in the Widdershins 2016 exhibition of moorland mythic art:
Angharad Barlow, Danielle Barlow, Hazel Brown, Brian Froud, Wendy Froud, Paul Kidby, Alan Lee, Marja LeePauline Lee Virginia LeeRima Staines, Neil Wilkinson-Cave, me, and David Wyatt. Artists & artisans with work in the adjoining Green Hill shop include Suzi Crockford and Alexandra Dawe.

Wendy is away in America right now, and Rima is off on her Hedgespoken travels, but Alan, Brian, David, Virginia, Marja, Danielle & I have all confirmed that we'll be there, and probably a few others as well. If you're anywhere close to Devon, please come join us. Tickets can be booked online on the Green Hill website, or by phoning 01647 440775, or purchased at the door. All proceeds help to keep this community arts, heritage, and youth centre in operation.

For more information on the event, go here. For more information on the exhibition, go here.

The art above is by David Wyatt, from his fabulous "Imaginary Village" series.


Oh I wish I could be there... so many favourite artists in one place - heaven!
Hope everyone has a wonderful time :) Happy Lughnasadh!

*happy sigh* I so wish I could! If only I had a transporter, or better, wings . . .

Instead, I am working on my novel and dipping into the essay collection you recommended, The Faraway Nearby. ♥️♥️♥️

We are swinging by on our way to Cornwall, but that will be Tuesday. I have bribed, cajoled and threatened the boys to make the detour. At least I won't have to get on my bike and cycle there. Though still wonder if Alex Crow would be up for it one day!

Negotiations completed with t'other half and it looks like I can come up on Saturday. Just a little bit excited.

I'm excited too. I'm finally going to meet you!

Really, if there ever was a time to be able to disapparate, it would be for the entire Widdershins celebration!

Many, many thanks to all who came -- especially Charlotte, who gets the prize for travelling the longest distance! Such a pleasure to meet you at last.

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