Widdershins collage #4
Widdershins collage #6

Widdershins collage #5

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by Terri Windling

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

On the work table

Collage materials

Patterned papers

Drawing detail

Sketch in progress   Now I lay me down to sleep,
   I pray to Earth, my soul to keep.
   I pray to Wind, for gentle dreams.
   To Water, for sweet murmurings.
   To Grass, where I will make my bed.
   To Moss, where I will rest my head.
   To blood’s Fire, to keep me warm.
   To Dark, to keep me safe from harm.
   To Moon, to dim her silver light
   so Fox will pass me by tonight.
   I pray to Stars, who watch above.
   Bless me, and everyone I love.

Framed collage in my studio, prior to the exhibition


Rabbits & Hares

Rabbits, fox, & hound from medieval tapestries

Rabbit & hounds

Me & Tilly

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Oh, I like that version of the poem...and I've been enjoying your collages so much also!

I love the way the little ones are all tucked in. Beautiful works.

I like your version of the poem SO much better than the original!

Magical, as always. This one is my youngest son's favourite of the six.

So much more comforting than the version I know! This IS a sweet prayer before sleep.

Thank you!

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