Widdershins collage #5
Tunes for a Monday Morning

Widdershins collage #6

Fairy Tales by Terri Windling

Fairy Tales

Framed collage in my studio, prior to the exhibition

Drawing detail by Terri Windling

Collage detail

Once upon a time there was a girl, there was a boy, there was a poor woman who wanted, there was a queen who couldn't have, there was witch who lived under, there was a green frog at the bottom of, there was a troll, a tree, a bear, a bright eyed bird who knew the secret of, there was a fairy who had lost, there was a child who had found, there was a wizard who had made, there was a princess who had broken, there was a story that was trying to be told. Listen. The wind is speaking....

Collage & drawing details

Collage materials

Bits & bobs

Roughs and texts on  the work table

Patterend papers & tape measure

Coffee cup, threads, twigs, paints

Collage materials

texts for collage

Italian Folktales by Italo Calvino


Thank you again for showing us your work from the Widdershins show. Your collages are beautiful and also so unique. No one else pulls stories and image together with such a gentle, gentle touch - charming without being naieve - or so they seem to me, childlike, but with Deep Wisdom too.

I love the presentation here as well with glimpses of the studio and work process, all presided over by Miss Tilly.

I love the narrative in this, the inceptions, the beginnings, the seeds. You stirred my creativity. Thank you, Terri!

Resting on Saturday and looking at such lovely works of art, and sweetness. There is nothing better than to make art and keep it as we keep love, caution and the strength of belief.

Thank you all so much for your response to my collages, today and in the five previous posts.

Attendence numbers for Widdershins were good, but sales for the exhibition (for all the artists involved) were very low this time, and these Little People have all trotted home to the studio instead of heading off into the world. Perhaps they just weren't ready to leave the nest... Thus I'm especially appreciative of your kind words for them.

It's not just the Green Hill gallery reporting low sales. Post-Brexit malaise and fears for a crumbling economy are already affecting the arts. I am frankly very worried about the future.

"...and keep it as we keep love, caution and the strength of belief."

Wise and beautiful words.


Love your collages and the photos of your workspace and process and, of course, your studio assistant, Terri.

I'm so sorry about your worries. And about Brexit. It seems to be a radical version of what's happening in so many places. Here in Germany, people aren't buying as much art it seems; and when I was in Toronto a few weeks ago, I chatted with an artist who does wonderful work and is quite well known there, and she was complaining of the way things are going, and is even having to paint over old pieces as she can't afford to buy many new canvases. It seems that the art community there hasn't recovered from the economic crisis of 2008. (My husband and I are both freelance artists, he's a musician, so I can truly relate to your fears, and that's without the Brexit fiasco thrown into the mix. Madness, that.)

In these uncertain and unstable days, we need the voices of artists all the more, though they are the first to be silenced. Makes no sense to me.

I do hope you find homes for your wonderful artworks. For your sake and for the sake of the homes they would enrich.

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