Viking Slam Poetry....
Election Day

Tunes for a Monday Morning


Today's music is from the new generation of Native American/Canadian musicians, mixing traditional rhythms with hiphop, electronica, pop, jazz, and more. This post is dedicated to the courageous pipeline protesters at Standing Rock, with prayers for them, for all of their supporters, and for the ones who stand against them, so that hearts might soften and minds might change.

Above, a film about the work young First Nations artists and activists are doing today: "Rebel Music/Native America: 7th Generation Rises," by Nusrat Durrani with Shepard Fairey, David Sable, and music director Laura Jane Grace.

Below, "Stadium Pow Wow" by A Tribe Called Red, from their latest album, We Are The Halluci Nation (2016). A Tribe Called Red comes out of the urban Native dance scene in Ottowa, Ontario. The group consists of Ian Campeau (of the Nipissing First Nation), Tim Hill (Mohawk, of the Six Nations of the Grand River), and Bear Witness (of the Cayuga First Nation).

Above, "My Stone," a poignant song by Frank Waln (2014). Waln, a.k.a. Oyate Teca Obmani (Walks With Young People), is a Sicangu Lakota hiphop artist, producer, and performer from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. I love this young man's work. 

Below, "Dancing on the Run" by Inez Jasper, an Ojibway/Métis heritage singer/songwriter from British Columbia. Jasper uses pop music to address the ways tribal dances and ceremonies were outlawed by the Canadian & American governments in the not-too-distant past...and it does so with humor and infectious joy.

Above, "Why" by Supaman (Christian Parrish), an Apsáalooke hiphop musician and fancy dance champion from Seattle, Washington. In this video, he teams up with jingle dance champion Acosia Red Elk, from the Umatilla people of the Pacific Northwest, to create a prayer of sound and movement.

Below (as a nod to tomorrow's nail-biter of an election in the U.S.), "Me and Mr. Washington" by the wonderful Nahko Bear and his band, Medicine for the People. Nahko is a singer/songwriter of mixed Apache, Mohawk, Puerto Rican & Filipino heritage. He was raised in Oregon, now lives in Hawaii, and is active in the Earth Guardians movement of young artists and activists.