Dark Beauty
On beauty and balance


So beauty full.

Thank you Terri for your gracious prayer.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear Michelle and Mokihana. In the midst of all we're worried about, it's good to remember what we're thankful for too.

Love back at you and yours, dear Terri.

And a special belly rub for Tilly.

(Okay, okay, Howard, you get one, too!)


So much to be thankful for... Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Just lovely, Terri...Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Angus and myself!

Thank you for the lovely prayer and the pictures as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Terri. May the blessings keep coming eh?
Thank you for sharing your beautiful joys of life and taking us along with you this morning!

I find what you share so meaningful and resonant. Thank you from a far away reader.

Hi Terri

Such a stunningly beautiful thanksgiving message with sublime language and poetry. Thank you for all you do on this blog and for always giving us Beauty in every phase and sense of the word and concept. Wishing you a peaceful time and a creative one as well during these last days of Autumn/November!

Take care
My Best to you and yours!

Love, love, love this so much. It just sing on the tongue and in the heart.

Thank you Terri for all that you give and for all that you do.

A very happy Thanksgiving to you.

I am so grateful for all the beauty you share, Terri. Thank you. I wish you and your sweet household and community all blessings on this day of pausing to notice the abundance in our lives, the friendships, the generosity of Mother Earth.

This fills the heart with such wild and ordinary enchantment. I could sit for a long while and just savour each rich, delicious word as if they were part of a feast you have offered - thistle, warm, new moons, rain, love, crows ... I wish for you a blessed day.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you always for sharing your gift. It is sustaining and calls upon my better angels.

Yes. The loving defiance of choosing gratitude. Thank you. Thank you.

Love this every year. <3 So many thanks. Always.

The magic and the beauty of this blog, your writing, and your sensibility are wondrous. Thank you always. Robert

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