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Myth & Moor update

Myth & Moor update

The Goose Girl by Arthur Rackham

I'm away for the next week, back again on Monday, February 13. Have a good and creative week, everyone. Keep shining in the darkness.

An update on the update: It now looks like it will be another week before I'm back, as I'm still not finished with secret something I'm working on. But I'll have things to show you when I return, and hope you'll find it worth the wait. 

"In a time of destruction, create something." 
- Maxine Hong Kingston

Peter Pan in Kensington Garden by Arthur RackhamArt by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939)


Hope it's a GOOD away and not a spoon-less away.


Return refreshed and relaxed.

Happy journeys!

Best wishes, Terri. And thank you for those Leaves you left behind. <3

My apologies for being away a bit longer than expected. But I'll have some nice things to show you when I return...

Thank you all for keeping the conversations going here in the meantime. I deeply appreciate this lovely community.

Intrigued and relieved.

Can't wait! Thank you for the Maxine Hong Kingston quote. Just what I needed.

VERY EXCITED about SECRET SOMETHING! The world has wagged on without your presence online - but I know it will be a hundred times the better for whatever you've been doing instead.

I too loved the Maxine Hong Kingston quote. In this dreadful time, many of my friends and I wept, wiped our eyes and began to do what we know how to do. Write poems to be spoken at various places, musicians tuning up, people with loud voices, actors have come out
in my City. The waves of walking, those loud voices are heard all over the earth, and we are legion.

Oh, and what surprise for us to wait for.....Terri's bright and deep surprises!

Ooh, secret lovely things! I can't wait. <3 Much creativity and productivity to you!


"In a time of destruction,
create something." 

- Maxine Hong Kingston

So God looked at the dark,
at the bits of falling lumber,
the deconstruction
of his favorite world,
rolled up his/her metaphoric sleeves,
put hands in the dough of eternity
and began again.

So why are you nattering
about aches and pains,
about the cynics at the top?
You have hands, sleeves,
not at all metaphoric.
Pick up those broken pieces,
and rebuild the world.

©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

"...hands, sleeves, not at all metaphoric." This made me want to go our on a march, as soon as I can, and "God's favorite world must be begun again...." It is my good fortune to have many friends and friends to come, for we are in a fortunate city, and all of our Senators & Congress people we voted for, are getting busy, too.

But at first I was destructed, and felt alone, until I began to see, what creations I can offer.

Beautiful. Yes to all of it.

Hurray, a secret treat ahead from Terri! What a good time to create, in spite, or because, it's up to us as in all of us to do our Earthy Magic where we are. I too like Phyllis "at first was destructed ..." and thought to postpone the medicine stories. It has been the harshest winter yet, for many.

Thanks to communities like Myth & Moor and my own deep and ancient Hawaiian roots, the Muse edged out my hesitation, pulled out all my illusions and fed me a story to wrangle my doubts as I approach 70. I'm writing it in bits, as posts, and if you click on the link in my sign-on you'll find "Banana Skin and Ginger".

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