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Tilly's first protest

Myth & Moor update

One Day Without Us

I am out of the office today in support of One Day Without Us.

As an immigrant myself, I am appalled by the UK government's stance that the rights of EU citizens who have legally made their homes in the UK are "bargaining chips" in the Brexit negotations -- and that these neighbors, co-workers, and family members now live in fear of deportation at some point in future. I'm ashamed that foreign-born residents of UK -- doing every kind of job from teaching, doctoring, nursing and care work to serving your latte at Starbucks -- are now made to feel disposable and unwelcome.

I have had deep immigration problems of my own due to the Orwellian rules imposted by Theresa May's Home Office -- and this with all the privileges of being white, English-speaking, middle class, married to a British citizen, and the mother of a British daughter. Take any or all of those privileges away, and the Home Office is even more brutal.

If you are in the UK, I hope you'll consider supporting "One Day Without Us" by joining your local protest today, and/or writing to your MP to object to the shameful lack of support for EU migrants (and immigrants from the rest of the world) at all levels of our government.

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