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Tilly's first protest

Howard & Tilly

We took the hound with us to the One Day Without Us protest in Exeter, which was not only her first political march, but also her first city experience. The photo of her with Howard above comes from the event's Facebook page -- taken early, while the crowd was still gathering. Tilly looks a little worried in this picture, but she actually enjoyed the city: new sights, new sounds, new smells...and plenty of attention.

It was good to be there, showing solidarity with our European-born neighbors here in Devon. Listening to the stories of the ways their lives are being upending due to Brexit was truly heart-breaking. Thank you to all who support this political action, which is on-going.



flagsThe Brecht poem in the picture captions is from Poetry magazine (June, 2011), translated from the German by Adam Kirsch.