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Faith by Jeanie Tomanek

I'm ready now to show you the Secret Something I've been working on -- which, I hasten to add, isn't a huge or elaborate Secret Something, but one I hope you will like nonethess.

Then I woke up this morning and suddenly realized that today is Black Wednesday: the day my adopted country walks off a cliff. Our unelected far-right-wing government has trigged Article 50, the legal beginning of our exit from Europe. I knew this day was coming, of course, but the amount of grief I'm feeling has stunned me nonetheless. My husband and daughter are losing their European citizenship, and we (along with so many millions of others) are losing the country we love.

Tomorrow I'll be back here with stories, art, mysteries revealed, and rambles through this beautiful place we call home. But today I must grieve for all we are losing, for the dark place where we are standing, and for all the ways that life is going to get even harder for those of us in the arts. I'll try to step into that darkness with faith, like the figure in Jeanie Tomanek's painting above. I'll strive to build ladders to help the most vulnerable among us, or at least hold my arms out to cushion their fall. I'll continue to work to build a better world through art, activism, community, and love.

But today, dear friends, I'm just devastated. Today is a day for grieving.

Endurance by Jeanie Tomanek

The paintings above are "Faith" and "Endurance" by Jeanie Tomanek; all rights reserved by the artist.


Walking the Knife

Here on the cliff,
the knife's edge,
sharp slice of the universe,
that invitation to night,
we must find the star.

We have no promise
of light, of dawn,
must pull it
from our own intestines;
spider silk into a net
that saves us all.

My hand in yours
on this rough fairy road,
without knowing the end,
is all we have.
Cliff edge, knife edge,
edge of the known universe.

We stumble. We tremble.
But we do not fall.

©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

Just horrible. I wish you peace.

Terri thank you for that. I too am in mourning for my country.It seems to me that it will take so much hard work and patience for those of us who are not zenophobic,scared and selfish to cope with this horrible government and their supporters,UKIP has wrecked their party aided and abetted by the press .Spring is here in my garden and that give me such comfort but I dread what will happen to Human Rights,Workers rights and people who will suffer from this dreadful and idiotic route we are taking.It looks as thought western civilization is crumbling in the worst way.The only decent vpoce I have heard globally has been Peirre Trudeau! Love to you and the family.

Thank you for that, my dear, dear friend. Exactly what I needed today.

My son and ex living up in Glasgow are surely feeling the same. Here in Virginia only NPR is giving it much airtime.

my sympathies. it really seems the world has gone mad all around...the brexit vote was a shock to me. then the US election, ugh. wishing you some tranquility and comfort.

From here in the states, I feel your pain. We all need permission to process, grieve and mourn...then we must bring forth our gifts, so well expressed by you. Thank you...big hugs.

The Great Turning, that is what some are calling this period of time. It is a scary and uncomfortable place to be living. My hope is that we: the creators, the compassionate, the wisdom keepers, are able to rise from the ashes and work to birth a more heart-and spirit-centered way of living together, with all beings. Grive, soften, heal and give again of your beautiful thinking; I appreciate it greatly.

Thank you for posting that, although it must have broken your heart to feel the need to have done so.
It was a completely unfair Referendum, full of false promises. All it has done has broken up an important union in the EU, which was by no means perfect but at least we could have worked to make it better, from within it, whilst now we have no chance of doing that because we no longer have a say.
I am broken-hearted for all my lovely Anglophile friends who love and had great respect for our country's acceptance of them when they came to visit or live here.
Now we are reduced to living on a few small islands off the coast of Europe. No matter what our government, or the racists say, my heart will forever be European.

(((Terri))) thank you for this sharing of the power of your pen written with such fierce brave love for our beautiful earth

We are mourning with you, on this dark day for the UK, Europe, and indeed the world. It seems we have walked off too many cliffs over the course of a year. Those of us who believe that the world can be a more accepting, inclusive, and embracing place must continue to work with whatever gifts we have to make it true. I, as a reader of Myth and Moor, am ever grateful for the gifts you so faithfully and beautifully share. All my best to you.

I read somewhere that we are going through the crisis time of healing, and that strength and wellness must surely come. I hope this is true, although I'll never underestimate the ability of humans to destroy all that is good in their lives. (((Hugs)))

We've done this before, but it was in the 1960s and were both younger and thought that the world we were fighting for then would last forever. Its tougher now with age and less exuberant strength to keep us walking along the narrow path through the very dark and gloomy woods that surrounds us but we can and will, but only by holding tight to the hands of our friends and the multitude of friends that we don't even know we have yet.


I am normally shy about commenting, but I felt compelled to do so today. As a black woman in the United States, whose ancestors endured slavery, whose grandparents endured the Jim Crow south and whose parents fought for civil rights, I completely empathize with the feelings of grief that you are feeling for the plight of your adopted country. It can be depressing to see the level of ignorance and close-mindedness that perpetuates oppression and injustice; especially when it creates a "setback" from previously hard-won advances. What I have learned from my cultural history is the need for cultivating inner strength, endurance, tenacity and resilience for there will always be setbacks and obstacles in the fight for equality and justice. Grieve, then rise to fight again using the talents and skills you were born with. Future generations will reap the benefits of your perseverance even if it sometimes seems futile or hopeless. I am a living testament to the power of perseverance; because my ancestors endured and fought (and because others joined that fight) I was born a free black woman. There are still many issues around race and equality in the United States, yet I hold my head high and carry on the fight of my ancestors and parents knowing that it matters for my child and future generations. Rise and be strong, for it will be a long road, but it will be worth it.


My thoughts and best wishes are with you and all my friends "across the pond" today. The arts are more important than ever. I truly believe when we "make good art" we are adding to the light in the world. We should not despair.

My thoughts and best wishes are with you and all my friends "across the pond" today. The arts are more important than ever. I truly believe when we "make good art" we are adding to the light in the world. We should not despair.

An elder sister in what once was America sends deep condolences. We are all suffering world wide from false, personal agenda driven, divisions that need not be so divisive. I've been grieving since November 8th 2018 but grief does not defeat the human spirit, often, after the first stunned silence, it quickens it's pulse.

Bravo sister.

"We do not fall."
Thanks for that Jane

"My hand in yours
on this rough fairy road,
without knowing the end,
is all we have."
That, and magic. We have magic, always.
Love to you all, always, time after time.

Dear Terri

I share your grief with events over there as well as those unfolding here in The States. We are cast into a state of uncertainty where the unknown and the anticipation of what lies ahead makes the waiting seem treacherous. Ultimately, I believe humanity and justice will prevail; but for now there is this state of limbo, feelings that need to be released and defined as we move forward seeking empathy and support.


The mind enters itself...
Theodore Roethke

I wake in a dream knowing
I'm still in that dream.

A window of dust and shadow
carries my reflection
along the harbor. Hair frays into mist

and piling rope into water. Both
unravel into splintered ends
while sea gulls circle the moon,

a wreath of lament
the crone wears fearing
her wisdom has failed her
and the coming tides.

I loom in a story
that has no plot, an image
without a body. A glass

that easily cracks
or shifts with the light.

I belong no where,
but quartered on this quay
to fill the shape of thought,

a feeling that stays
with the sun as he stirs; his gold epaulettes
bold on the horizon. Shoulders
of a different day, or what shorebirds mourn
a darker time
Thank you so much for sharing your feelings and thoughts. Something we all share and must use to foster change and acceptance once again of a kinder, more inclusive society.

Take care,

Hi Jane

Beautiful, intense and compelling-- I love the way you define the sharpness of knife, the universe cutting through us but also how , by our human nature its resilience/compassion, are destined to prevail --

We have no promise
of light, of dawn,
must pull it
from our own intestines;
spider silk into a net
that saves us all.

Thank you for this,
I loved it,

For this month, I got so sick,I really did not know how much I missed. I read about a change in England but it was never explained. I managed to go through a lot of pain-managing and was at last OK enough to see my doctor. It is rotar cuff tendonitis, and really tricky. I saw a wonderful therapist and began my Therapy which uses, of all things, what its called a wand! A good sign. though it is a cane from former slips and stumbles. I now understand what I did not know and will look more. It seems to be the piling up of horrible, unbelievable days of doom.I will fiercely fight for my body to bear all I can do. In our circle of magic and kindness, a place of fairies and tales....In San Francisco we have built our anger into walking down Market Street, with regular, all colors, ages and many costumes. We are lucky we can do this. But we must always see the glimmer of hope. As Jane says, "We do not fall."

For you, TW,always.You have my hand as long as we are both around. And quite possibly after.




Thanks, Wendy.
I always wonder what you and Terri think of a poem of mine. You both are my tape measures.


So much beauty, the bright sister of dark misery to unpack.

I want to riff on gull circling the moon. (Not sea gulls. They are just called gulls, or their individual names like glaucus gull, etc.)

Circling the Moon

". . .while sea gulls circle the moon. . ."
--Wendy Howe

Gulls circling the moon,
pulling the tides around their wings,
warmn themselves in these colder times.

They will not drown in that Mare,
but where shall they feed,
there are no crusty fish. Beaks empty

they cataract back to earth,
satisfied with the poorer fare,
the surer catch, the pennies worth.

So we all forsake dreams for the bleak
reality of a lessened world,
the smaller silver scales

Instead of that large round shiny coin
just a short flight overhead,
beyond our wings, always beyond reach.

©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

Christopher LOGUE
English poet (1926- )

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
And they came,
and he pushed,
and they flew.

Brilliant poem of Logue's Wende! Look, the bad stuff has happened, now's the time for us to wrest the situation from the right-wing nutters and do something positive with it! Don't forget that in the bleak and broken world after World War II the newly elected Labour Party created the Welfare State and the National Health Service. The Tories may be doing their level best to destroy that good (have been ever since it was set up) but wringing our angst-ridden hands isn't going to do anyone any good. The excrement may have hit the fan, but now we have to dig it into the good earth and grow something worthwhile from it!

the word stunned hit me - exactly what I have been feeling since November here in the states. I wrote this because I have to hope no matter what, that the voices of love will win in the end.
as long as there are poets
and stars up in the sky
then hope will fling the sweetest words
to float above us high
as long as there are singers
the band will surely play
marry the two, the singer the song
the heart will have it’s say
as long as there are dancers
and feet to tap the time
to travel the world on a single floor
movement synced with rhyme
as long as there are painters
to mirror color and line
reflect the hope, the world goes on
with brushstroke, broad and fine
as long as there’s a speck of God
in every living soul
creative need a planted seed
will help to make us whole
as long as there are hands to make
to reach across a chasm deep
to hold, to soothe, extend to shake
to do the work till time to sleep
from heart to mind to hands and feet
all will sing and move and say
and when we’re gone the song goes on
shadow, echo, fade away

The Special Project: beautiful new skin. Perfect new presence for an already welcoming place. Mahalo Terri. I love this!

Hi Jane

Thank you so much for your lovely comment and even more, that fantastic poem, "Circling The Moon". I just love it, the way you characterize the gulls with subtle undertones to our own character. These lines really spoke to me

So we all forsake dreams for the bleak
reality of a lessened world,
the smaller silver scales

Instead of that large round shiny coin
just a short flight overhead,
beyond our wings, always beyond reach.

To survive, we scanvenge for what exists and still somehow find dreams within the lesser world.

Also love how you compare the moon to that "shiny coin" and the beautiful, imagistic opening. I can vividly picture those" gulls circling the moon/ pulling the tides around their wings...". Thank you so much for writing and sharing this one.

My Best

Thank you for your words and perspective, Tara. Yes, we will rise and be strong. We have to be, for the next generations -- as your ancestors were for you.

Oh, so beautiful, Wendy. I feel so blessed by your poems, your ability to get right to the heart of the matter. Thank you, once again, dear lady.

Sending you healing from Dartmoor, Phyllis. And to all who need it today.

Lovely. Thank you.

Yep, time to get to work!

I believe in this completely. Thank you.

I feel so much gratitude towards you all for these thoughts, these poems, and for reaching out during hard times. Yesterday was for grieving...but today is for getting back into the Good Fight. So glad to have such companions.

And thank you Terri

so, so much for the lovely comment and endorsement of my poem/poetry! That means a great deal to me personally and helps to keep me inspired~

Again congrats on your new, gorgeous website look!
Absolutely love it!

Take care

Grateful for your posts and all the heartfelt, wise, sorrowful, brave, hopeful comments. Thank you for being here, Terri, creating such a wondrous site (I love The Special Project!) and nurturing it, and us. You have created a haven of peace, wisdom, hope and beauty in a time of such ugliness.
Fairy stories are a reminder that we've always known times such as these.
And still we rise.

Thank you so much, Terri. I did research the English mistake, though I had to go through political lingo when I wanted to know how it is wrong for many people. Healing from Dartmoor is here!

This is so true.
In America the poets
Wept for days, and
One by one by one began;


Wise words. All of us here have the Fairy Tale map. You weep, you dry your eyes and begin on the strange path, meeting friends and enemies, using this bit of magic and that bit of the common sense of those who are ancestors.

It feels as though we are living under a terrible shadow. You in the UK, we here in the US. The only thing I can think to do is be a tiny candle inside all of that dark.

I know that we have it in us to be a kind & generous people full of hope & beauty, all of us, worldwide. If some have forgotten that is within them, we'll light the way, that they may find their way back to us.

The British Isles are dear to me and I am so sorry you are going through this.

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