Tunes for a Monday Morning
Secrets revealed....

The walk off the cliff...

Faith by Jeanie Tomanek

I'm ready now to show you the Secret Something I've been working on -- which, I hasten to add, isn't a huge or elaborate Secret Something, but one I hope you will like nonethess.

Then I woke up this morning and suddenly realized that today is Black Wednesday: the day my adopted country walks off a cliff. Our unelected far-right-wing government has trigged Article 50, the legal beginning of our exit from Europe. I knew this day was coming, of course, but the amount of grief I'm feeling has stunned me nonetheless. My husband and daughter are losing their European citizenship, and we (along with so many millions of others) are losing the country we love.

Tomorrow I'll be back here with stories, art, mysteries revealed, and rambles through this beautiful place we call home. But today I must grieve for all we are losing, for the dark place where we are standing, and for all the ways that life is going to get even harder for those of us in the arts. I'll try to step into that darkness with faith, like the figure in Jeanie Tomanek's painting above. I'll strive to build ladders to help the most vulnerable among us, or at least hold my arms out to cushion their fall. I'll continue to work to build a better world through art, activism, community, and love.

But today, dear friends, I'm just devastated. Today is a day for grieving.

Endurance by Jeanie Tomanek

The paintings above are "Faith" and "Endurance" by Jeanie Tomanek; all rights reserved by the artist.