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Tunes for a Monday Morning

A dog from a medieval bestiary

Above: A classic British folk song, " Whilst the Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping," performed by the great Chris Wood and Andy Cutting at the Southwell Festival. (I woke up with the first line of the song running through my head: Oh, I have a dog and a good dog too.... Tilly loves that part.)

Below, so the poachers don't get the last word:  "I Am the Fox," performed by Nancy Kerr (whose work I just love) and James Fagan (of the The James Brothers) at the Bath Folk Festival.

Above: Nancy Kerr and James Fagan again, performing their gorgeous song "Queen of Waters."

Below: "Seven Years," a beautiful tune by Andy Cutting, performed by Cutting with Martin Simpson and Nancy Kerr.

And one more: "Atheist Spiritual: Come Down Jehovah," written and performed by Chris Wood. I'm not an atheist myself (I'm an earthy old pagan), but this song speaks to me deeply nonetheless.

Dog in paradise


Just the right beginning for a raining NYC mornign and I love the last one Lots.

Gratitude for your thoughtfulness & the beauty here. Yep, cold & rainy in North Carolina this morning, and the steady gorgeous refrain of Chris Wood warms my heart.

Lovely tunes. Thank you. Keeps the rain and damp from settling in my bones this morning.

Thank you for these. They are exactly the right kind of music to help me get back to b myself today.

"Paradise is right here on Earth, Jehovah..." I think this could maybe pass for a Pagan spiritual as well? Have never heard it, but this will not be the last time for me. :) Thanks for all the music, Terri. And maybe Tilly could teach Angus how to pose for photos? He doesn't like to sit still for them. :)

Beautiful, beautiful anthem to aetheism, but isn't it strange how so little changes no matter what our beliefs, or lack of them? When few of us were atheists, we placed ourselves at the pinnacle of our God's creation; such is the egocentric nature of the human animal. And now that many of us are atheists we still place ourselves on the pinnacle of our own lives that we state no God could equal; such is the egocentric nature of the human animal.

Yep. My Ojibway teacher tells me that for orientation purposes there are 7 directions: East, West, North, South, Up (skywards), Down (Earthwards), and Us (inwards). But all directions are relative to ourselves not to magnetic (Polar) North.

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