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The Long Tale

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At last, dear people, here is the little project I've been working on (in addition to my manuscript-in-progress, of course, which remains on-going).

You'll have noticed that Myth & Moor has a brand new look, as I hadn't updated the blog in years. I've also updated my author website, as that was getting pretty darn old too.

But what you'll find here is much more than that, as you'll discover if you follow the links on the right-hand side of the page. I've made a large number of essays and articles on myth, fairy tales, and mythic arts available here. Some come from the old Journal of Mythic Arts, others have never been online before -- presented with new art, recommended reading lists, and other resources. I want this work to be freely available to all readers interested in myth and mythic arts.

We've talked about "gift exchange" on this blog, and how certain stories and certain kinds of art pass as gifts through the generations. This is my gift to the mythic arts field: articles on these things we love, put out there for anyone who may be interested, or seeks information, or who simply needs to find them.

I remember being a young girl myself who needed to know about myth and fantasy -- back in the days before the internet, before easy access to fantasy books or fairy tale scholarship, before the mythic arts community existed, before I ever dreamed there could be such a thing.

This site full of articles, art, and other resources is for that young girl, and  every young person like her. But especially it's for you.  I hope it's useful. I hope it's enjoyable. I hope you will accept this gift from me ... and that it has been worth the wait.

Tilly by the stream



Quiet footsteps, wind flow, scent of moss and earth, a gate beckons and she, a quiet visitor, stands still and then slowly unlatches the gate. In so doing, she cannot remain silent and so writes to say Yes, this was so worth the wait. This gift of gatherings of the myth world enfolds, enchants, educates and most of all, illuminates. Thank you Terri for this treasure.

This is beautiful and very easy to search. Thank you Terri!

Clean and elegant and beautiful. Can't wait to peruse further!

Wow, this is great! Beautiful design and a fantastic resource.

Oh, simply marvelous! I cannot wait until I get through this next batch of student stories so I can begin exploring! The cover photo is enchanting--I want to walk through that gate.

Oh, yes! Thanks, Terri...I look forward to exploring your new 'home' here as soon as I can!

This is a gift that will nourish me for years to come, and I will pass it on to everyone who needs it. Thank you, Terri, for being a giver of some of the greatest gifts in my life!

I love you so much, dearest Terri! ❤️❤️❤️ I will share this gift widely and gladly!

How bravely we step into a world of change, a world of deconstruction as the new comes into place, wobbly at first but beautifully set straight from the heart.
The young girl in this not quite aged form loves your gift(s) to all of us and wishes to say Thank You For The Art And Music. Thank You For Magical You, Terri. 💖

I love it Terri, it is a fabulous archive. xxx
Your generosity to fellow readers when giving up precious time... Thank you.

thank you Terri, for this deep sharing of your good magic, you're "an angel of the first degree" (from Van Morrison with the scent Tupelo Honey)!

Fantastic! I love what you've created here for us fairytale lovers! I hadn't a clue! Thanks so much Terri.
Your site is beautiful.

Love the new look and easy to access as well.

Thank you so much, Terri. This means the world. Once again you shine a light in the darkness.

I may not be able to read everything thing you write on your blog but I appreciate what you post on your blog. I love the art and​ pictures on here as well. Thank you for doing this. I love the new look.

So many goosebumps, Terri! It looks gorgeous!!!! I'm so happy for you, for us, and for the wide world of readers who will benefit from this generous gift. <3 Thank you.

Thank you and blessings to you and yours, Terri...


And in addition to the new skin, the blood, the guts and the heart of Myth & Moor has been offered up. Yes, so worth the wait Terri. Thank you a million times a beach full of tiny stones!!

Dear Terri

A breathtakingly beautiful make-Over and gift to all of us that is so deeply appreciated!! Love that photo of you interfused with the writings about Dartmoor, country secrets, landscape nuances etc. And what could be more perfect or significant than your lovely presence beneath the text, a guiding and creative spirit that enriches our lives as readers, poets, authors and artists. And many thanks, too, for the icon based categories to art, mythic fiction, the process , the hound etc. The artwork stunning and so appealing. It' easy to navigate and beautiful to view! Again, I love the new format and as always am so, so grateful for your blog and all you do! This secret project has evolved into a winning masterpiece of beauty that immediately engages one's interest and holds his or her attention rapt from top of the page to the bottom!!!

My Best

Magic! Bravo, Terri! Thank you!

This is such a treasure. Thank you, from an overflowing heart.


Oh my, this is so marvelous! What a wonderful gift! Your blog has always been a great resource, I come here often to trawl the archives for treasure, but now there is such an abundance - I find myself breathless with excitement, and wanting to cancel all the day's activities so I can delve into what you have offered. Thank you, thank you.

Beautiful ladies. Great new look for your blog.

I'm no longer a young girl, but I'm finally getting serious about writing for people beyond my family.This is going to come in very handy. Thank you so much for the hard work and the glorious gifts! (And as a web professional, I gotta say - lookin gooooooood here!)

Thank you for your enchanting, generous and loving gift. It is beautiful. Humble gratitude in return.

for Terri on the new look:

Lift the Latch

Lift the latch,
Let the magic flow.
Push the gate,
Let the magic grow.
Take a step,
Let the world walk in.
Lift the latch.

Oh, begin.


©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

A lovely new map to a wonder-filled trove...thank you, Terri!

I love that beauty is at the heart of all that you do. I have followed almost all the links and look forward to reading and feasting on the wonderful words and images. many thanks!

Such a gift, Terri! Thank you! This will be a fantastic resource for my students and me. :)

Thank you for this generous gift, dear Terri. A veritable treasure trove.

Lovely! Thank you!

Thank you! The new look is beautiful and looks like great fun :-)

Thank you, for everything. Charles open a door for me, pointed to you as the road to follow and I've been traveling world's without end since.

The new site is beautiful! I'm delighted, and I thank you with all my heart, for I know how much work it takes to do something this huge. I will be coming back often!


Wondered what wonder to come....
Imagine was sheltered with me.
How can something be better to be?
Behold! More beauty and then,some.

This is amazing. I took a brief look at it yesterday and I'm really happy and elated, really as if I had been given a gift. And it is! It's a beautiful gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you and a thousand thank yous more.

Dearest, dearest Terri,

Aha! So the Secret Something is finally revealed.

And I must say, it's gorgeous - and a lot easier to find everything. If you did all of this redesign yourself, then you get extra respect from me. I know first-hand just how much work is involved in doing something like this. Just technically, it's an astonishing achievement.

And the generous bounty of folkloric and literary treasure pouring forth from this cornucopia of mythic wonder and refreshment is just exactly what so many of us have been yearning for.

My thanks unbounded.



Here at last and very well worth waiting for. It's so clean and bright I'm not sure that a grubby gnome (clare's name for me) such as myself dare sully it with my presence! Still, if you find muddy footmarks and smears of nameless matter all over the place, at least you'll know I've been here.

I love the new look! Can't wait to explore the new site!

I'm feeling quite overwhelmed by the kindness of all the comments here. Thank you all so very, very much. My heart is bursting. In a good way, I mean.

Yep, my design, coding, etc. No one has worked on it but me; which is precisely why it took so long. There's a limit to what the Typepad blogging platform allows you to do (compared to Word Press, etc.), but since I like Typepad overall, and have used it for years, I just had to find my way around its design limitations, and find ways to make it work for me...despite having only very basic coding skills.

Many thanks, by the way, to Midori Snyder for teaching me the wee bit of coding & web design I know, back in our JoMA days. (Unlike me, she's an expert.)

The site looks beautiful. Thank you so much for these wonderful resources.

Well, it's a fabulous job very well done.

I use Wordpress for my blog - I like the flexibility - and I code.

I keep thinking I should redesign it sometime, too. But I don't have as much time for it as I'd probably like (it isn't monetized and I always have to try and turn words into bread first!)

The time I do have, I naturally prefer to spend writing a new post than trying to make it prettier. But I would if I could and I will when I can!

What you have achieved here is a real inspiration.


It is so lovely, thank you! From another one who was saved by stories.

This is just great, Terri. You inspire me.

Love this!

How does one thank a voice, a vision, a gift which reaches back to the shy girl I once was seeking fairies behind every tree.
Thank you for this elegant, expansive collection of words, music and art.
Mostly thank you for all of yourself which you offer up.

Thanks so much for your new format. As always, you are an indispensable resource.

Dear feed my soul each time I enter the gate of your life path and I thank you for giving beauty to my life and hope to my heart and magic to the spirit of all....

What a wonderful resource! Thank you so much for sharing this, and the work you've put in.

Oh Boy! THis is going to be fun. Thank you!

Dear Terri,

I began my journey into the world of myth and fairy when I was 10 years old, and have spent so long believing myself alone in this world . I am now 17, and to have finally found a place where everything I need is in one place, and dedicated to me! A young person! is an incredible gift. Also that I am not the only young person like this, that you were once one too!

Thank you incredibly much for all the work you've put into everything.

Fair winds and following seas,


Prairie K.,
Your comments and your presence make me grin and slap my thighs at near-70 ... remembering it would have been such pleasure to have a Myth & Moor to treasure at 17.
Thank you for finding us here. You'll find us favorable company, and Terri ... well she's the Myth-tress.

Wonderful changes, and as they say... 'a change is as good as a rest', which I seriously hope you have also had in your days since you began working on your secret creation.
Loving it ...thank you!
With much love,

O my, Oh my, what a treasure trove! I will never want to leave. You'll will likely find me curled up in a corner of your gorgeous imaginarium, asleep surrounded by art, poems, books and fairy dust, having got completely and joyfully lost in amongst it all. Or perhaps Tilly will sniff me out, and wonder where I came from? All the old JOMA articles, what a joy! It is indeed a wonderful 'secret something'.

Lovely Terri! Thank you. x

Splendid! I look forward to browsing through the goodies. (And I congratulate Tilly on having her own section, so her wise observations can be easily found!)

Lovely, a true gift. Wishing you the finest of days rambling the hills.

Thank you so much for giving your readers this lovely surprise. Your words, your pictures, and your wisdom are always a gift. Reading a post from your blog, new or archived, is a part of my pre-writing ritual now. Thank you for making your site even more inspirational.

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