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At last, dear people, here is the little project I've been working on (in addition to my manuscript-in-progress, of course, which remains on-going).

You'll have noticed that Myth & Moor has a brand new look, as I hadn't updated the blog in years. I've also updated my author website, as that was getting pretty darn old too.

But what you'll find here is much more than that, as you'll discover if you follow the links on the right-hand side of the page. I've made a large number of essays and articles on myth, fairy tales, and mythic arts available here. Some come from the old Journal of Mythic Arts, others have never been online before -- presented with new art, recommended reading lists, and other resources. I want this work to be freely available to all readers interested in myth and mythic arts.

We've talked about "gift exchange" on this blog, and how certain stories and certain kinds of art pass as gifts through the generations. This is my gift to the mythic arts field: articles on these things we love, put out there for anyone who may be interested, or seeks information, or who simply needs to find them.

I remember being a young girl myself who needed to know about myth and fantasy -- back in the days before the internet, before easy access to fantasy books or fairy tale scholarship, before the mythic arts community existed, before I ever dreamed there could be such a thing.

This site full of articles, art, and other resources is for that young girl, and  every young person like her. But especially it's for you.  I hope it's useful. I hope it's enjoyable. I hope you will accept this gift from me ... and that it has been worth the wait.

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