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Woodland gate

Howard is up in London this week (teaching puppetry) and our house is remarkably quiet. So I'm using this opportunity to take a "Work Retreat" over the next few days, focused on getting my little Secret Project finished at last.

Woodland gate

The Secret Project has taken longer than I ever expected -- but then, it's just a side project, not my main job (which is a manuscript-in-progress), so I've been piecing it together in fits and starts, before and after my regular work day. I've turned into a Studio Hermit this month, with little time left for anything else -- so it's high time to get the SP done. (And the manuscript too. But that's a another story.)

Please wish me luck. Tilly and I will see you all again on Monday.

The Thorny Paradise

Hillside selfie


Something tells me that door is just as ordinary as a certain of luck on your writing retreat. I'm sure you will create magic.

Wishing you luck, quiet and joy in finishing your SP. Looking forward to the manuscript..


Looking forward to the results of both projects! Enjoy your retreat time, and say Hi to Tilly from Angus and myself.

It looks like you are fired up and ready to retreat into a writers holiday. Best of luck. So good to see you and Tilly looking so happy. :)

Wishing you luck, and the sweetness of quiet creation.

have a wonderful retreat. still enjoying Monday Music.

I decided to allow myself an 'at home' retreat today and get some outstanding work finished. But all of that ended when the cat was copiously sick on the kitchen floor and one of the local unneutered toms sprayed up the back door. If I'd had skirts I definitely would have drawn them aside and flounced off in disgust, but the effect just isn't the same in a pair of ratty old trousers. So I just got down on my knees and started scrubbing the floor...I should have been born rich and had servants!

That Open Door

It beckons, and I go,
away from the wooden words
that fence in the poem;
those boogie phrases
that squat by the fire.

The wind washes them,
rinses them, dries the tears
I've shed over them.
A blade of new grass
feeds, sustains me.

The river trilling
over its collection
of polished stones,
is drink to me.
I take a draught.

The sky is inspiration.
Tree bark corrugates
under my blind fingers
into a brailled story
I now can read.

I go home to write,
my basket full of images
gathered on my short walk.
Tomorrow, I remind myself,
it will be long.

©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

May your retreat provide you with everything you seek. Thanks for this wonderful blog.

So very much looking forward to seeing the Secret Project! And a new manuscript too!

My project continues on, I'm struggling with narrative bits between songs at the moment. Sometimes it seems so much easier to say something in a song. I tend towards verbosity in prose, and I want elegant and evocative!

How wonderful to see you commenting here. It has been a LONG time between. I have just spent time catching up on your projects ... how nice! An enjoyable virtual visit to the lands below the Piko (the equator).

Oh Jane, the braille of tree bark... thank you for this.

Thinking about you, Terri, and hoping your retreat is going well. I've been sick for the past few days and am so grateful for all you've taught me about taking care of myself and being patient. Thank you. <3

Thanks for your patience, everyone. I'm back, and the Secret Something is (touch wood) coming tomorrow.

I'm sorry you're under the weather, Edith. Be kind to yourself! Sending love from Dartmoor.

It is indeed lovely to see your name here again, Cristina. Where can we hear your songs...?

You and me, both Stuart. Or house brownies. Where are those house brownies when you need them?

This is stunning, Jane. Another one to write on my door!

House brownies would be so welcome. I seem to be making a career of washing up!

Sorry folks, it's going to be tomorrow, due to family circumstances beyond my control. (Ain't that always the way?)

See you then, and thanks again for your enormous patience!

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