An ode to slowness
On Kindness


My name is Stuart and I'm a chocoholic...I have eaten so many Easter eggs my pancreas has asked for a cessation of hostilities. Also I can no longer see my feet even if I lean at a dangerous angle and use a mirror.
As my old dad used to say 'I'll be glad when I've had enough!'

Stuart, this cracks me up! =D (and I'm absolutely a chocoholic too... but of the worst snobbish kind. Only darkest chocolate for me so I'm free of chocolate eggs!)

Happy Spring to you, Terri and Tilly and Howard and Co! We love you!

I'm not a chocolate snob; but a definite chocolate slob. If it looks like chocolate I'll eat it...which does have its disadvantages at times!

This post screams SPRING! Beautiful picture of you and Tilly. I can see that spring brings joy to you and hopefully chocolate too. ;)


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