Tunes for a Monday Morning
Tunes for a Monday Morning

Coming up this weekend:

Hedgespoken's The Singing Bone

Rima Staines & Tom Hirons are launching their summer show at Lowton Farm this weekend: The Singing Bone, a lovely piece of storytelling woven with music and puppetry. Soon after, Hedgespoken hits the road, carrying stories, art, and magic to festivals, communities, and off-grid performances spaces across the British Isles. We won't see much of them again until autumn, which is when they return to Lowton Farm to work on their first full-lenth theatre piece, The Hedgehog's Bride: devised by the Hedgespoken puppetry team, and directed by my husband Howard.

Beautiful Lowton Farm

Howard Gayton and Rima Staines at Lowton Farm

Tom Hirons at Lowton Farm

This weekend's event is also a celebration of the Hedgespoken dream, and of all who have supported it. Once upon a time this traveling folk theatre was just a gleam in Tom & Rima's eyes -- but after a successful crowd-funding campaign, followed by a lot of hard, hard work, this amazing couple have it all up and running as they'd planned, with several projects now coming to fruition.

The Hedsgespoken Truck

One of these projects is Tatterdemalion, a beautiful and deeply folkloric new book by Rima and Sylvia Linsteadt that has just been published by Unbound. The text, by Sylvia, was written in response to Rima's paintings, and the result is pure enchantment. Here's Sylvia explaining the project:

Below: Tilly gives our brand new copy of Tatterdemalion her seal of approval.

Tilly gives Tatterdemalion her seal of approval

If you're anywhere within striking distance of Devon, please come join us at the Hedgespoken show this weekend. (Tickets here.) I'll be there on Saturday, at the 3 pm show. Howard, as part of the Hedgespoken team, will be there on both Saturday and Sunday, debuting his new "Punch & Judy" puppet show as one of the side attractions.

Below: The wicked, incorrigible Mr. Punch making an impromptu appearance in the Hedgespoken doorway....

Mr. Punch makes an appearance in Hedgespoken's doorway

Rima watching Mr. Punch

Tom watching Mr Punch

Dame Judy confront the naughty Mr. Punch

Crow, that old trickster


Also, for any of you who live Totnes-way, Howard will be at the Totnes Party in the Town on Friday night, directing the performers who are part of Alice Oswald's poetry procession at 8 pm. (Look for the crows!)



Just ordered my copy of Tatterdemalion! Can't wait to get it. FYI the ebook version is available on Amazon.US, but not the print version. US folks should get the print version through Don't know about UK availability.

So wish I could go, but I live across the pond and most of a continent. I do hope to be in Devon at some point in my life to see a Hedgespoken performance, as it seems like one version of heaven. After first being introduced to it here at Myth and Moor, my daughter and I so loved the idea that we both contributed to the crowd-funding campaign. Thanks for all of the photos and info! I look forward to checking out the book.

I am still awaiting my ebook of Tatterdemalion and must say am not being very patient! How wonderful this latest Hedgespoken venture looks, and how lucky you all are to be living such a magical life in community with such magical people (Tilly included). And I must say, "The Hedgehog's Bride" is a title which thrills me.

Lovely news and congratulations to Tom and Rima. I recently read Tom's "Sometimes a Wild God" and it utterly captivated me. I will have to order a copy of Tatterdemalion and treat myself to Rima and Sylvia's work as well. It sounds like a magical weekend!

How I wish I could be somewhere within 'cooee' of Lowton Farm this weekend. Alas 10,000 miles separate us, so, like Glenda, I'll have to content myself with the thought I'll get there someday. But it is marvellous just to know that people all around the world, like me, who may never get to see Hedgespoken in action, still BELIEVED in it enough to help it along. Just knowing it exists somewhere in the world is enough.

I'm working my way through my copy of Tatterdemalion slowly, trying not to rush, as so much of modern life is rushed, and savour every little beautiful bit of it. In between putting finishing touches on my own little storytelling/song performance, which is looming too quickly for me...The Wolf Bride will debut in a little over a month, and I'm excited, but mostly just terrified!


True to the norm it's chucking it down with rain here in balmy Leicester, but 'sumer is icumen' or at least it will do one day...perhaps

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