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Tea Time by Terri Windling

I woke up with a bad cold this morning, so I'm afraid there's no post today. I hope to be back in the studio tomorrow as I've Got a Lot to Do. Fingers and bunny paws crossed.

"As far as her mom was concerned, tea fixed everything. Have a cold? Have some tea. Broken bones? There's a tea for that too. Somewhere in her mother's pantry, Laurel suspected, was a box of tea that said, 'In case of Armageddon, steep three to five minutes.'"   - Aprilynne Pike (Illusions)


Feel better soon! I've also been fighting a cold since yesterday and am awash in peppermint oil and drowning in tea with honey and lemon. Which is not such a bad thing after all. Pamper yourself today, Terri.

Ahh, dear Terri. Take good care. The pollens reign here, so I too begin with a strong infusion of herbs.

Wishing you will be feeling better soon. Take care Terri.

Hi Terri

Wishing you all the best and hope you are feeling better soon. Hope you have some medicinal tea in your cupboard that will help! Please take care and rest!

My Best

Spoon Time

When you are under the weather,
or in the middle of a typhoon,
tea without a spoon is merely
colored hot water.

Take two jujubes,
and call me in the morning.


Hope you feel better and that not only do you have good, healing tea, but lots of dog snuggles to keep you cozy.

I hope you are healing well and that your days are good.
I am grateful for the multitude of discoveries and aha moments I find as I dance through your Myth and Moor. In my May Barking Planet blog I have posted about the Westcountry School of Myth -- thanks to you.
Best wishes, Robert

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