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Hound foolery


Howard has gone off to London for a month, where he's teaching Commedia dell'Arte at the East 15 Acting School. We had the usual flurry of getting him packed and on the road, with one suitcase full of masks and another full of books. Afterwards, as I was tidying up, I found a pile of discarded costumes on a chair, including a couple of Jester caps. Then I had a wicked thought and whistled for Tilly....

It's a good thing she's such a good sport.

Hat 2

''You may make a great fool of yourself with a dog and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a great fool of himself too."  - Samuel Butler

Hat 3

For a fascinating piece on the mythic roots of comedy, clowning, and Commedia, I recommend "A Chorus of Clowns and Masked Comic Theater" by my friend Midori Snyder.

"Humor is an old response to fear of the unknown and contempt for the familiar," she writes. "For 3,000 years, somewhere a chorus of clowns has misbehaved, and in their audacity, called down gods, heroes, and legends for a face to face meeting with humanity, offering laughter as a form of reverence."

Hat 4

"You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm."  - Colette

Hat 3

Disclaimer: no hounds were harmed in this portrait session. She was paid Equity rates in dog treats for her work.


I had an interesting experience this morning: my morning cup of tea spurted down my nose as I found that I could still laugh. I love the serious expression on Tilly's face. There's something deliciously wicked about laughing at the slighly pompous (not that Tilly's pompous of course). I wonder what some of our politicians would look like in a jester's hat.

With all that is going on in the world, we certainly all need some levity. Glad Tilly could provide it!

She was indeed a very good sport about it all -- until the end of the photo session, when she let me know she'd had quite enough:


Oh, but I do love this entry. Brava, Tilly!

O Ha! especially that last photo, thank you (((Terri)))

Just seen the end photo. Best of the lot, the absolute epitome of disgruntlement. You could issue these photos as greeting cards; they're just right for those occasions when the world can just go and *********!!

Oh the long suffering Tilley. She is such a good sport and looks darling in these funny caps.

Ha, she looks like she might just keep sinking to the floor in the last photo.

I just took Tilly for a long, long walk to make it up to her. The things she puts up with around here...

Like this: http://www.terriwindling.com/Xmas2016.jpg

:) In the Xmas photo, it's as if she is saying "I'll wear it if you don't take my toy away!"

Love all the Tilly-clowning!

I agree that these could be a series of greeting cards. Tilly has SUCH a speaking face!

Oh Tilly! I adore her! Look at that face! So funny. Reminds me of my Cocoa in her ladybug outfit for Halloween. Similar expressions.

Number 3 is my favorite. <3 Love her! Love you!

Oh my god most patientist pupper. I just want to kiss her nose. (I suspect that she would have an Opinion about that.)

I do believe she much preferred the red and black to the grey. Oh, the expression and body language as the grey one is on just.too.long! Thank you for the laughter. How I needed it!

Oh Tilly, oh Terri...it does you good to laugh. Thank you hound for being such a good sport. Extra bone rations ought to be coming your way. xxx

Was she wearing a hat?

Oh yes! Tilly looks quite regal in scarlet. And shows it. As a clown in grey array she seems confused. "How
can I do this and be dignified? Er uh.................?"

So glad you all like these photos as much as I did!

I'm sure Tilly is too. She's grown up in a theatre family, after all, and loves being "on stage" every bit as much as Howard. As long she gets plenty of love and attention, she's happy, silly hats and all.

Just reindeer antlers in this one.

That's exactly what she's saying!

Whilst Tilly looks utterly adorable, I am interested in your reference to Commedia dell'arte. Do you know the Glennards, of Runcorn? John and Angela began performing in the late 70's. I don't think they do so any more, but their company did become quite famous for a while. It grew out of their participation in the English Civil War Society (oddly perhaps). John is my half-brother. Beautiful blog by the way; lyrically as well as pictorially.

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