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At Kelmscott Manor  October 2017 Photograph by Marja Lee Kruyt

My apologies for the lack of a post yesterday (Tuesday). This blog's server, Typepad, was down all morning -- and by the time they had the platform up and running again, I was deep into my manuscript-in-progress. The post I'd planned for you is below, with yet more lovely art from the Pre-Raphaelite era.

I've enjoyed spending two weeks posting about the Pre-Raphaelites -- and could very easily keep going on the subject -- but I'm also aware that not everyone here is obsessed with Victorian art. I've got a few more PRB posts in the works, but I'll mix them up now with other posts on the usual topics: the writing life, the art-making process, fantasy, fairy tales, book recommendations and journeys through the Devon hills with Tilly, our mythic Animal Guide....

The path and the Animal Guide

The photograph at the top of this post, by the way, is from my recent road trip to Kelmscott Manor, taken at the manor's doorway by Marja Lee Kruÿt.


I find the Pre-Raphaelites fascinating especially the women.

Wonderful photo of you; love the splash of pumpkin beneath the black.

I have enjoyed it tremendously!

It would be hard not to look good in such a setting. (And I don't look nearly so young close up...but Kelmscott is a timeless place.)

Me too, endlessly fascinating.

I'm glad!


I write, therefore I am
everywhere --passing through a keyhole
or looking glass
into corners and characters
I'm just beginning to know, possess.

I write therefore I am
the shadow of an idea,
dream or experience
that stains barriers with change
inspiring some
to unlatch their gate, open their shutters.

I write, therefore I am
the progeny of every woman
in a portrait who holds
a plume, a book or vellum fan
of letters. The lace of her sleeve
intricate as the language
she cultivates into a voice. A voice
that ripens into a vineyard.

"A voice that ripens into a vineyard. . ." we can all hope!!! Gorgeous summary line.


thanks so much! Jane
Yes, we all can strive and hope!

again, thank you!!

my best always

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