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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Quiraing sheep

This morning I've been listening to yMusic, a brilliantly innovative chamber ensemble from New York City composed of Hideaki Aomori (clarinet), Gabriel Cabezas (cello), C.J. Camerieri (trumpet), Alex Dopp (flute), Rob Moose (violin), and Nadia Sirota (viola). If you like the music of, say, Phillip Glass or John Luther Adams, then please go have a listen to yMusic's three fine albums.

Above, "Bladed Stance" (composed by Marcos Balter), from the ensemble's second album, Balance Problems (2014). The video was filmed by Dan Huiting, edited by Kevin Russel, with additional footage by Patrick Pierson.

Below, "First" (composed by Ryan Lott of Sun Lux), performed for Colorado Public Radio last year. The piece is from their new album of the same name (2017).

Above, "All My Life," performed a couple of months ago on Chris Thile's Life From Here program -- with vocals by The Staves (sisters Jessica, Camilla, & Emily Staveley-Taylor), a folk trio from Hertfordshire, England, known for their exquisite harmonies.

Below, "Trouble on My Mind," from the same program.

Above, "Rivers," yMusic's beautiful collaboration with The Tallest Man on Earth ,  i.e. Kristian Matsson, a Swedish singer/songwriter who writes and performs in his second language, English. The video was filmed for a Pitchfork TV Session in 2016.

Matsson, too, is a brilliantly innovative musician, and one whose creative journey I find deeply inspiring. Recently, he took a year off from touring to devote himself to songwriting, and to sharing the new songs in an intimate, more immediate way through self-made videos filmed in and around his home in Dalarna, Sweden.  The first of the videos is below; and you can follow the rest of this lovely series here. (Or on Facebook here.)

Dear Kristian Matsson, you are definitely of use.

Road  loch  & sky on Skye

Photographs: the Trotternish peninsula on the Isle of Skye, from our journey there last June.