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Myth & Moor update

Illustration by Anne Anderson

Illustration by Anne AndersonDear friends, after so many weeks of dealing with flu (and related health complications), I'm behind on everything -- so I'm taking time off-line in order to catch up on work and correspondence in quiet and gentle fashion.

Thank you so much for following Myth & Moor, and being part of the Mythic Arts community here. I'll be back on Wednesday, March 14th to share music, art, books, myth and more. I wish you good health, good dreams, good stories, quiets days (or noisy ones, if you prefer), with plenty of time for work, and play, and wild creativity. And creativity in the wild. And wildness, full stop.

New note: I'm afraid it's going to take a little longer to get back, as I'm dealing with some medical issues at the moment. My apologies.

Wild words

Illustration by Anne Anderson (1874-1952)


Have a good catch up week. We'll be here when you're ready. A warm hug.

Another Yes to that. Take good care dear Terri.

Enjoy feeling better, get your other work caught up and relax. Until you post again I'll read your archived posts. What a thoroughly lovely blog you have!

Ughh the flu, poor you. Get better, catch up and relax. And thank you for your lovely writing...

I hope you give yourself the time and space you need to rest up. You've certainly given us plenty of thinky-food in the meantime.

Get well as soon as poss, Terri, otherwise Tilly's arch enemies, the cats next door, will come and poo in all your flowerbeds. They tell me they've been saving it up all winter, so you may need a shovel to dig your way out of your back door!

Sending warm wishes for peace and health. <3

Ha! Love this saga...

Dear Terri

Sending love, prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery and hope you are getting plenty of rest and that the temps warm up and bring you the first days of a beautiful, sunny Spring.

Take care
my best always,

I do hope you're feeling better soon, Terri. I've followed your beautiful blog for several years, and I'd just like to express my gratitude.
Ngiare, Tasmania

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