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Myth & Moor update

From the Mythic Village series by David Wyatt

My apologies once again for the recent paucity of posts. Having recovered (mostly) from this winter's long illness, I'm catching up on a mountain of missed work now...and I've also been traveling...and then recovering from traveling...and then catching up on that missed work again...and in the blink of an eye the entire spring has passed. I'll be away from home again weekend but back to the studio next week. If the Small Gods of Health and Fortune smile on me and all goes well, Myth & Moor will resume its regular publication schedule on Wednesday, June 13th.

Have a good and creative weekend everyone, and I'll be back with you very soon.

Me and the hound

The drawing of me and Tilly above is, of course, by the great British book artist David Wyatt, an initial study for a painting in his gorgeous Mythic Village series. Photo: me and the hound on a bright June morning.


So happy to see you are back! Was begining to get concerned that you might be suffering from a relapse due to your Scotland adventure. Sounds like you've got a handle on how to cope with that and know how relieved you must feel finally getting your work accomplished too. Looking forward with eager anticipation to your great posts again next week....

Glad to see you back. In the meantime I've strolled through your older post and found a lot of wonderful and interesting things, a strange familiarity with much in my soul - sad, that my English is so little. But your blog is always a feast for my eyes!
Greetings from Germany

Thank you so much for the update. I hope your travels go well! May good health bless you and those you love. <3

Having had my own share of health concerns this year, I can entirely empathize and understand. Stay well.

So happy to see an update, especially that you're well enough to travel, a good sign! May the Small Gods of Health and Fortune smile on you, Terri, and I hope Tilly is well!

I'm so glad you are mostly recovered, I hope you stay in good health and enjoy your summer days <3

Thanks for the update Terri. ((Tender hugs)) and gratitude for your resilience and generosity.

So glad to hear you're on the mend, and I'll voice the North Carolina wishes for continued health and well being...a kind of long reaching embrace!

Just managed barely (thanks for nothing BT!) to get on to your site again,worried that there might be difficult news....Whew!

Looking forward to next week.


With news of your improving health and the return of your posts, there is now much happiness abroad in the land! Looking forward to reading your thoughtful essays again here in Utah.

We cheer you on! Hope all is well and look forward to your posts.
Many thanks for the music and inspiration.

Hi Terri, I'd like to follow your blog but can't seem to find a follow button. Can you help?
I translate old French fairy and fantasy tales and have had some success getting them published, so I was delighted to see your blog with all its fairy tale illustrations to inspire me even more. I'd like to read more of your writing. Thanks, Trish

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