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There will not be a Myth & Moor post today, as I'm hard at work on two super-tight deadlines. My apologies.

Instead, I recommend reading the latest interview with always-inspiring Terry Tempest Williams: "My heart is very deep in these wild lands." Or Anne Boyer's beautifully written essay, "What Cancer Takes Away" (which some of us can relate to all too well). Or have a look at Mariano Rentería Garnica's video "Dance with the Devil," about the survival of a folkloric dance form in Mexico, filmed as part of his fine series on artisans in Michoacán.

Tilly I wish you a good, creatively productive, and quietly enchanting day...or outrageously enchanting, if you prefer.




You left us in excellent hands, and related posts/link to one of my favorite oldies with comments that added to the needs of my deep sea diver self. "On fear of judgement (and the pernicious perfectionism) included a comment and link from Ellen Kuscher that fueled me in the most outrageously enchanted way. "Die Vampire Die" with an edit of a reference to Pygmy Vampire could become my new go-to tincture.

I love how creativity can't resist being creative! Thank you.

Finding a link on my favourite Myth & Moor to another favourite (Terry Tempest Williams)
feels like an unexpected present. A quietly enchanting day is what I'll choose. Thank you Terry and wishing you good writing days.

I read "What Cancer Takes Away" and was moved to share it. Amazing piece. Done in so I'll read the others tomorrow Dear Terri. Meanwhile, how I love these Chagford ponies and you.

"What Cancer Takes Away" takes was amazing, and right on the mark. Thank you for sharing it.

I found myself rapt by the crucial truth and beauty of Terry Tempest William's view in that article about our wild lands and national environment. The landscape has a spirit of its own and is there both to sustain us, and enlighten us about respect, preservation and growth. And , of course, much more. Not only are we allowing our earth to erode and vanish from its wild and greener beginnings, but our mind/ heart , as is also eroding on the political and corporate levels as well.

I remember recently reading an article by health and natural healing advocate. Dr. Mercola who presented a theory about climate change. He cited several perspectives from scientists and farmers who had been studying livestock grazing and the disappearance of "green spaces" in Africa. they concluded that once the land is allowed to become occupied and free range living/feeding is impeded by progress and commercial endeavors, the land turns barren. Deserts develop and the "green" needed to sustain life vanish. The green is needed to perpetuate the climate and the land.

And as individuals, we also need to reclaim that "green sense of fire" within ourselves. That latent or lost concept of faith, idealism, hope, determination, or whatever you want to name it. That force that rises from within and propels us to save what we have, to cherish our planet and existence enough to believe in its sustainability, to fight for the miracle that is and must remain
to keep our lives buoyant and viable.

Green Fire

Green Fire

Do not forget this green
fire that burns before you.

The emerald flash
of a pigeon's neck
as he flies from the barn --

ascending skies ( flushed)
with the same coloring
as his passenger kin,

or the grass sparking
dandelion gold
as an appaloosa grazes
in the distant field,

a grey ghost
feeding on what could be
tomorrow's desert,

and here,

where spires of evergreen
glisten above the line
while you hang laundry. The rope

supported by two
crosses that overlook a hill
rolling in its mint blaze

toward the lake

where a mallard
submerges his head
in water strewn thick
with dock leaves and lit underneath
in a chartreuse glow.

Like the duck, you flare in the sun
as your mind sinks into the deep
end of memory --

to regain
something that has not
flamed out.

Its light (still)
spiraling up, burning through
the algae-- dark edges.


Thank you so much for recommending that article and the rest as well. Now I am on to read the others. Good luck catching up on those projects and meeting your deadlines.

Please take care,
My Best

This is much a painting as a poem, Wendy, and I thank you for the attention you pay to the colors of the world.


Thank you Jane

for you lovely comment, I deeply appreciate it.

We need to remember and revere the colors of this planet, the green spirit that propels life and allows all the other colors to bloom, grow and thrive. Espeically now, when our earth is in peril and the powers in charge don't seem to care!

Again, thank you,
Take care,

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