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Fly away, fly away


Well deserved. Congratulations!

That's great, and I know you deserve it! Tilly too!

Congratulations! Your blog is a pure pleasure to read.

Oh how splendid, and how well deserved. Your blog is a wonderful place to visit, full of delightful things, and you are so consistently here, along with Tilly of course.

Congratulations, well deserved, both of you. Reading your blog is visiting a wonderful, mythical hidden realm.

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you and Tilly. Your blog is a dreamscape that buoys me, especially on days when I'm questioning my art. Thank you.

Congratulations! I’m sure Tilly must be right: treats all around!

Wish I could vote for you. Congratulations Terri.

Hands up and hurray! Congratulations for the award and recognition of values and worth enjoyed and been nourished by for a good long time. All the best of wishes and thanks to you for a beautiful space on the blogsphere. Much aloha, Mokihana

Wow, that is great! Most deserved. I sure hope Tilly gets another bone for that celebration.

Huge congratulations!!! Much deserved. I think both you and Tilly should have lots of treats

I was recently nominated for the Historical Associations Young Quills Award for historical novels. I didn't win it, but I was deeply proud to be in the company of some of the other nominees. I also found out that I'd been nominated in 2017 as well, but somehow nobody thought to tell me!!!

Definitely well deserved!! Congrats!!

I'm not surprised, but I am thrilled on your behalf. Your site (along with your art and books) is constantly surprising and inspiring me. Congratulations!!

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing this news, along with all the other delights.

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