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The Sense of Wonder

Tunes for a Monday Morning

Wild words

Music, magic, stories....

Above: "The Kingdom" by American singer/songwriter Jesca Hoop, who is based in Manchester, England. The song is from her second album, Hunting My Dress (2009).

Below: "Blood Moon" by the Irish folk-electronica duo Saint Sister (Gemma Doherty & Morgan MacIntyre), from their debut, Shape of Silence (2018).

Wild words

Above: "Riverside" by Danish singer-songwriter Agnes Obel, born in Gentofte and now based in Berlin. The song is from her first album, Philharmonics (2010).

Below: "Garden District" by French harpist and singer Cécile Corbel, from Finistère in the far west of Brittany. The song appeared on Roses, the fourth volume in her SongBook series of albums (2014).

Wild words

Above: "The Snow Queen" by British singer/songwrite Ana Silvera, based in London. The song is from her very beautiful album The Aviary (2013).

Below: "Gravity" by American singer/songwriter Vienna Teng, born in California and now based in Detroit. The song is from her first studio album, The Waking Hour (2002).

Wild words

Pictures: wild words in the woods. The fairy tale openings in the picture captions were taken from a Guardian article by Kate Lyons.