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Following the deer

The White Deer by  Adrienne Ségur

White-tail deer

I'm out of the studio today due to health care issues, but will be back tomorrow (Thursday). In the meantime, I recommend this for your morning reading: "The Supple Deer" by the brilliant American poet Jane Hirschfield.

The illustration above, for Madame D'Aulnoy's classic fairy tale "The White Deer," is by the French book artist Adrienne Ségur (1901-1981) -- best known to English-language readers as the illustrator of The Golden Book of Fairy Tales.

Books illustrated by Adrienne Ségur

Young Fallow Deer by Joshua Smythe copy


Get well soon Terri.You are an inspiration.

Well, that answers questions I had about the white doe in the Western tradition. It also proves my woeful ignorance of fairy tales! Though I think I prefer the White hind of the Cherokee culture mentioned in the link given in a previous post. Lots to think about!

I would definitely recommend following the deer, or at least the traces of the deer; back in January I was walking my dogs near where I live and in the slick, shiny earth were numerous deer footprints which we followed and they led us to a small opalescent looking object that stood out starkly against the Cornish mud. The object it transpires is a Mesolithic hide scraper and evidence perhaps of a human-deer relationship in that place stretching back many thousands of years!

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