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The Fool Report #2

The fool cards from the Dodal Tarot, Karyn Easton Tarot, and Rider-Waite Tarot.


As my Fool of a husband begins his second week working with Jonathan Kay and his merry band of Fools in Finland, here are some pictures snapped on Howard's bicyle commute through the streets of Helsinki each morning and evening.

He reports that the work has been fascinating, challenging, and full of both high points and lows. Last night, Howard's group of Fools-in-training went to see Jonathan's show at the FIC Festival...watching the master Fool perform...and today they were back in the studio, seeking entrance into the archetypal realm for themselves.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has helped make Howard's exploration of Foolery possible. The journey is just beginning....




If you'd like to know more about Jonathan Kay's practice and philosophy of Foolery, listen to his discussion of "The Fool, Archetypal Play, and Self-Realisation" with Amisha Ghadiali (July 2019).

Meanwhile, the Funding for Foolery campaign continues. Please help us to keep our own dear Fool on the road:

Fool With a Flower by Cecil Collins

Art above: The fool cards from the Dodal Tarot, Karyn Easton Tarot, and Rider-Waite Tarot. "Fool With a Flower" by the English surrealist painter and printmaker Cecil Collins (1908-1989).


This is wonderful! I'm going to kick in a contribution as soon as my paycheck comes in. It's wonderful to hear about his adventures as they progress. Good luck, Howard!

Wonderful news this update! You must know it makes such a difference in this world ... both to known fools flourish and to be a supporter of those personally! Solid as in breath and out!!! Yay yay Howard, Terri and Tully & this blo space that safety pins us to the sacred regalia -- your posts.
Much aloha

I know this isn't the right place for this but I don't quite know where that place is, so randomly on a post on your blog seems like a good place to start, I read somewhere that you are working on your next adult novel? Maybe it's related to the Wood Wife? Is there somewhere where I can find out more info? Is it expected to be out soon? The Wood Wife is one of my favorite books and I'm excited to read more fiction by you!!!

Allan, just in case by some magic you read this: Yes! Terri's new long-short story is out now! It's the story of Tat, Maggie Black's best friend and it's set in London and Devon. It's waiting for you here:
And if you want to stay up-to-date on all Terri's work, you can subscribe to the Bumblehill newsletter here:
Lunar (Terri's studio elf)

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